5 Vacation Ideas That Will Allow You To Dive With Sharks

For the more adventurous divers, few things are more appealing than diving with sharks. The good news is that there are plenty of vacation options that will allow virtually any member of your family to interact with sharks, even those who aren’t scuba certified. Here are five ways you can dive deep with sharks this summer.

Princess Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Lines has partnered with the Discovery Channel. As a result, most cruises this summer will treat passengers to ships decorated with shark theming, as well as shark-inspired events and excursions, including diving trips with whale sharks and other species during a select number of sailings.

Whale Shark Diving In Cancun

The whale shark is the biggest fish in the ocean; some grow to lengths up to 40 feet. Even though that’s a pretty imposing size, whale sharks are among the most gentle creatures in the seas. Visitors to Cancun, Mexico can actually take a boat excursion offshore and swim with whale sharks. Most tours don’t require participants to be scuba certified—it can all be done with simple snorkeling.

The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas is no stranger to top vacation destination lists. It should also have a place on the lists of shark lovers. Guests can slide through water slides that snake through shark-filled pools, view underwater aquariums that contain reef sharks and hammerheads, and even walk underwater with sharks while they wear special helmets.

Dive With Sharks In Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo Shark dive allows divers to swim with multiple species of sharks, including blues, makos, silky sharks and hammerheads. All of this happens off the shore of Cabo Pulmo, a marine reserve run by Italian marine biologist Jacopo Brunetti. If you’re not up to diving with the sharks, you can still explore other animals, including 200 marine invertebrates and 300 species of fish.

Family Dive Adventures

Family Dive Adventures is owned by married couple Tom and Margo Peyton, who encourage their clients to learn to scuba dive as a family, including the kids. They offer a program called Kids Sea Camp, a program that encourages kids and their parents to learn more about sharks and rays, as well as marine conservation.