Top Destinations For Fall Surfing

Fall is likely the favorite of all the seasons among surfers. The winds tend to create a greater mix of swells, air and water temperatures are nice and crisp, and the crowds on the beach are generally tourist-free. If you’re looking to pack your board and head out on a surf trip this fall, check out these spots—they’re some of the top surfing destinations on the planet.



Baja is a world-famous surfing spot. It stretches for 1,300 miles and you can surf just about every inch of it. You’ll find no shortage of surf and there are plenty of spots along the peninsula that usually only see local surfers. Two of the best spots in the area are Isla Natividad and San Miguel.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has plenty of amazing surfing spots, and in the fall the crowds are smaller. You can surf the Caribbean on the east coast and the Pacific on the west, allowing you the rare surfing opportunities to tackle two opposing coastlines on one vacation. One of the most popular surfing spots in Costa Rica is Playa Hermosa, though the strong currents probably aren’t for the novice surfer. If you’re looking for a spot where any skill level can surf, try Cabo Matapalo


It would be almost impossible to pick a “bad” time of year to surf in Hawaii. Fall is especially great, though, because weather conditions are perfect, and you won’t have to fight the crowds like you would during the summer months. You can find great spots on Kauai and Maui, but if you’re looking for what’s arguably the greatest surfing destination on the planet, you have to head to Waikiki Beach.



Taghazout offers visitors a mild climate all year long, making it an ideal surfing destination during Autumn. In fact, it’s the most popular surfing destination in all of Morocco. Furthermore, Taghazout is thought by man surfers to have the greatest right-hand breaks on the planet (just in case you needed another reason to add it to your surf destination bucket list). It’s also one of the cheapest surfing destinations you can find.