Top Climbing Spots In Australia

We’ve covered a lot of top climbing destinations, but we’ve never really touched on any of the hot spots “down under.”  Australia has plenty of amazing climbing opportunities. In fact, Australia is so big, with so many climbing locales that you could climb a different route every day for the rest of your life and it’s not likely you’d even come close to checking everything off the list. Here are some of the top climbing spots in Australia.

Mt. Arapiles, Victoria

Mt. Arapiles in Victoria is arguably the most popular climbing spot on the entire continent. Mt. Arapiles isn’t all that large, but you’ll still find over 2,000 routes to tackle. If you’re new to the sport, though, don’t go speeding straight to Mt. Arapiles—most of those 2,000 routes are fairly complicated and should only be attempted by seasoned climbers. However, Mitre Lake, and specifically Mitre Rock, has plenty of opportunities for beginners and it’s right down the road from Mt. Arapiles.

Point Perpendicular, New South Wales

Anyone who’s ever purchased a climbing calendar has likely been treated to at least one month where the picture is an epic shot of someone climbing a craggy cliff above a breaking ocean. If you’d like to tackle one of those craggy routes for yourself, Point Perpendicular in New South Wales is one of the best places in the world to give it a shot. It’s not for the faint of heart, as many of the routes will require a rappel down to even get started, and you won’t find a lot of pre-bolted routes. Still, the view is well worth the challenge.

Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania

Looking for more spectacular ocean views while climbing?  Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania is pretty breathtaking. It will likely prove to be the least crowded spot of any of the destinations on this list and you’ll have no difficulty finding something for every skill level in your party.

Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is a perfect spot for your younger or less experienced climbers. You can climb here year-round and the sandstone cliffs are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re a newbie and want to get in some climbing “down under,” Kalbarri is the perfect destination.