How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Keeping up with your workout routine isn’t the easiest task when you’re on vacation, or if you travel a lot for work. It can be tough to eat right when you’re staying in a city that’s famous for fantastic (and not always healthy) cuisine. Plus, let’s face it—hotel gyms are usually pretty boring, and they’re not exactly a hot spot on your “must visit” list when vacationing. Here are some tips for staying fit while on vacation, and none of them include the hotel gym!

Eat A Big Breakfast

That doesn’t mean an all-you-can-eat “lumberjack” breakfast. Eat a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, and fiber. If the hotel offers a free breakfast, load up on some eggs, yogurt, oats, etc. A healthy breakfast like this will keep your metabolism in check while you’re out adventuring for the day.

Drink A LOT Of Water

It’s incredibly easy to get dehydrated while you’re out exploring your vacation destination or hanging out all day on the beach. Start your morning off with a glass of water before you go to the coffee and carry a water bottle with you throughout the day. Staying hydrated will keep you from getting headaches, and it will also help you feel semi-full so you won’t overeat when it comes to lunch and dinner.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

We’re not suggesting you sleep your entire vacation away, but try to get at least 8 hours each night. This will ensure that you’re well-rested and have plenty of energy for those physical activities during the day.

Walk When You Can

If your destinations are within a reasonable walking distance, consider hitting the pavement instead of calling Uber or taking public transportation. Make sure to pack comfy walking shoes!

Even Better, Rent A Bike!

Walking is great, but if you’re in the type of location where bicycling is pretty standard, consider renting a cruiser to get around. It’s a great workout, and you’ll usually get to your destinations faster than if you were just on foot.

Swim, Take The Stairs, Go Paddle Boarding…

There are plenty of fun ways to stay physical while traveling. If your resort offers a menu of water sports, opt for those that require a little physical activity. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and get in a few laps at the pool or the beach—swimming is a fantastic workout!