What To Pack For Your Next Surfing Vacation

It’s hard to think of anything going wrong on an epic surfing vacation, but if you don’t pack correctly you can quickly put a damper on an otherwise perfect trip. Here’s a look at some essential surfing supplies that you should pack for your next trip.


If you’re going on a surfing vacation, you’re obviously going to need some boards, but which boards and how many should you take. This is one of those categories where it’s really up to the individual, but most people bring 2-4 boards on a surfing trip. Check with your airline first, because many will charge you extra if you pack more than two surfboards. As for specific boards, try to bring at least one that you’re super-comfortable with—something that you’re confident you can ride under just about any conditions. As for other options, do some research and pick something that’s ideal for the conditions at your destination.

Soft Rack

We could have easily covered a board bag here, but that should be an obvious item on your packing list. Instead, we’re covering a soft rack. If you’re going to be traveling between surfing locations and taking taxis or renting a car, a soft rack is essential. They allow you to bag up your boards and easily strap them to the roof of a normal size car so you won’t have to worry about being haggled into booking a truck or a van to get around. It can help to have videos on your phone of the racks in use so you can show taxi drivers how to attach them.

Extra Fins And Leashes

Throw some extra fins and leashes in your board bag because, despite your best-laid plans, unforeseen things are going to happen, even on the best surfing trips. Breaking a fin or leash won’t likely ruin your trip, but it could put a sudden halt to your day. Having backups will ensure you’re only down for a few minutes.

Repair Kit

If you’re not used to surfing in a location with a lot of rock or coral, you can probably count on getting some scars and dings on your favorite board. Depending on how remote you go, your surfing destination might not have a board shop nearby to perform repairs. Do yourself a favor and pack a small ding repair kit so that you can patch some of the smaller boo-boos on your own.