Make Mount Rushmore Your Next Camping Destination, And Do It In Style!

Mount Rushmore has long been one of the top vacation destinations in America. Nestled among the Black Hills of South Dakota. While an average of three million visitors a year visit Mount Rushmore, staying overnight in the area has long proven to be a bit underwhelming. The area around the national monument has only the most basic hotels and motels. Now, a company called Under Canvas is giving visitors another option—one that provides far more adventure and memorable experiences.

Under Canvas specializes in the “Glamping” experience, a more luxurious version of traditional tent camping. The compound is located down a dirt road and far from the normal touristy spots that have been long established in the area surrounding Mount Rushmore. Guests can choose from seven different tents during their say. The tents vary in size and accommodations. Some even come with their own private bathrooms. All the tents come with some pretty luxurious features, such as wooden floors and actual beds as opposed to sleeping pads and cots.

There’s also a large communal tent where guests can hang out, relax and play games. This larger tent also includes a restaurant called Embers, which serves everything from tacos to breakfast burritos.

The luxurious tents aren’t the only perks of staying with Under Canvas. They can also assist in booking additional activities for your family. They’ll help you booking hiking tours, Jeep excursions or horseback riding. Of course, you can also book tours to the monument at Mount Rushmore, as well as many other notable locations and sites that are within an hour’s drive from your tent.

When you’re done adventuring for the day, you can return back to the Under Canvas compound and relax around a large bonfire with the other guests. There you can stuff yourself on s’mores and take in the night sky, not to mention the light show that occurs after dark on Mount Rushmore.

Under Canvas offers the best of many categories of vacationing. You can visit a famous national monument, camp, experience a plethora of other activities and build a scrapbook full of memories with your family. Learn more at