5 U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

If you’re an avid lover of the outdoors it usually means that you’ve spent the chilly winter months planning an epic summer vacation. We’re certainly not going to try to sway you from your existing plans, but if you’ve let summer creep up on you and you still haven’t settled on a vacation destination, we’ve got five spots across the United States that are perfect for outdoor lovers. Here they are.

Acadia National Park


5 U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

Acadia National Park is pretty unique in that it’s New England’s only national park. When it comes to epic views, it’s hard to be Acadia National Park, especially from the Atlantic coast’s tallest peak, Cadillac Mountain. Acadia is a great destination in the summer because it’s usually far less crowded than many of New England’s other destinations. You can find plenty of camping and bed & breakfast options. If you’re into biking and hiking, Acadia is pretty hard to beat.

The Badlands

South Dakota

5 U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

If you’ve had enough of trees and plants during your outdoor adventures, visiting The Badlands in South Dakota is the next closest thing to visiting Mars. Hiking the rocky and sparse terrain truly feels as if you’re on an alien planet. If you want to earn a major tourist merit badge, take a side trip to the Black Hills and visit Mount Rushmore while you’re in the area. You can find plenty of motels and cabins in the area and there are more trails and caves to explore than you could possibly do in a single trip.

Mammoth Cave National Park


5 U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

If you’re into cave exploring, Mammoth Cave National Park offers a safe option to explore the largest cave system on the North American continent. If you have claustrophobia you needn’t worry here—some of the caverns in Mammoth Cave are several stories high. If you’re into hiking, climbing, and camping, this summer vacation is pretty tough to beat. While there are plenty of motels in the area, we highly suggest booking a campsite for your visit.



5 U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

The Colorado Rockies are usually thought of as a winter vacation destination, but the Keystone area offers a ton of activities in the summer months. From some of the best mountain biking in the country to memorable hikes, you won’t find a lack of adventures here. There are definitely some pricey resorts in Keystone if you want to splurge, but you don’t have to. You can find plenty of affordable hotels to fit the bill.

Coastal Georgia


5 U.S. Summer Vacation Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

The coastal section of Georgia between Savannah and Charleston, South Carolina, is home to hundreds of miles of forests, marshland, waterways. These areas are sparsely populated, so if you’re looking for someplace where you can paddle around in a kayak all day and never see another human, this is a great option. You’ll run into a ton of wildlife while you’re exploring, so bring the camera. If you plan to camp in this area, you’ll only be allowed to do so in two state parks:  Fort McAllister and Skidaway Island. Camping isn’t allowed in the other, ecologically-protected areas that make up this stretch of Georgia.