5 Of The Coldest Places On The Planet To Surf

Winter can be tough for surfers, especially for those who live in areas that see some really drastic temperature drops during the winter months. For some, trading their surfboards for snowboards is enough to help get through to the summer. However, if you’re a diehard surfer and you don’t mind donning some serious cold weather gear, here are 5 of the coldest places on the planet to surf.



Vancouver actually sees some fantastic waves. As a result, it’s a big surfing community in British Columbia. The waves stay pretty consistent for most of the year. In the summertime, instructors will line the beaches and put on surf clinics. Surfing the waves does take a little work, though, as you’ll likely need a boat and some local info to find the best rides. Air temperatures in the area usually vary between 37 and 66 degrees (Fahrenheit).



Surfing the beach at Kamchatka is an adventure all the way around. It’s on the oriental coast of Russia, and it’s very hard to get to. You certainly won’t find big crowds here. The remoteness of the area and lack of roads will require a good four-wheel-drive vehicle, but the waves are worth the effort. During the winter months, air temperatures range from about 6 degrees to 21 degrees (Fahrenheit).



Thurso is definitely not your typical surf destination. You won’t find a lot of sandy white beaches, but you will see some beautiful landscapes. Winter days will bring rain, snow and sun, and you’ll see temperatures dip as low as 39 degrees.



Reykjavik is located at the top of the Atlantic Ocean, so temperatures hang around 26 degrees in the winter months. The waves can be a little inconsistent here, but the experience is well worth the dice roll.



It’s a surprise to some, but Norway’s coastline is larger than that of the United States. As a result, the country has some really epic surfing opportunities. A portion of that coastline borders the Arctic, though, so you can bet you’re going to get some insanely cold conditions. Air temperatures hover right around 23 degrees in the winter months.