5 Of The Best Places For Rock Climbing Outside Of The U.S.

The States isn’t the only place you’ll find really great rock climbing. Heading overseas or across the Canadian or Mexican border will unlock some seriously great routes that climbers from all over the world will likely have on their bucket lists. Here’s a look at 5 of the best places for rock climbing outside of the United States.

The Frankenjura


This area of Bavaria is home to a thick forest that’s packed with great climbing. You’ll find towers, bluffs, and crags that all collectively boast more than 8,000 possible routes. It primarily caters to more experienced climbers, as most of the routes are pretty tough, but beginners can still find some 300 routes that are under a 5.9 rating. If you need a little refreshment after a day of climbing, check out one of the local pubs in the area for some true Bavarian beer.

Railay Beach


The peninsula of Railay is between Krabi and Ao Nang, and just getting to the cliffs is an adventure, as you can only reach them by boat. Once you’re on the rock, you’ll be able to look out over the blue ocean and take in the view. There are thousands of possible routes and bouldering problems for climbers of all levels, and some are even worth free-soloing, as a fall will only result in a dip in the warm water.

Kalymnos Island


Kalymnos is a paradise for those that prefer close bolts and the tried routes of sports climbing. There’s plenty of variety for climbers of all levels, and if you happen to visit during the annual Kalymnos Climbing Festival, you’ll see some of the top climbers in the world hitting the rock.

Skaha Bluffs

British Columbia, Canada

The sheer number of crags at Skaha Bluffs make this a favorite spot among Canadian sport climbers. You’ll find plenty of vertical routes with multiple angles to challenge just about any level of climber, and thanks to some local climbers and businesses, you can now take a paved road and start your adventure in a parking lot instead of having to hike half the day to get to the bluffs.

El Potrero Chico

Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This National Park is located just outside of Hidalgo, and it’s home to some of Mexico’s most impressive climbing. The cliffs and spires here can rise as high as 2,000 feet, and this park is also home to North America’s longest sports route, Timewave Zero.