Sports Tourism: How to Stay in Shape Even When You Go Abroad

Sure, it’s great fun to take a vacation, especially with loved ones. But what if you could combine your trip with your love of sports. Well, guess what? Now it’s absolutely feasible. More and more popular destinations are coming up as hot spots for sports tourism. We’ve checked out a few and found the best ones. Sure, it may be scary to go abroad, especially if you are new to traveling. But if not being able to practice your favorite sport along the way is what makes you get on that airplane, let the following info be your solution. So what are you waiting for? Pack a bag and start playing your favorite sport abroad! 

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is possibly the coolest place to spend a couple of weeks doing sports. A natural home for water activities, you can snorkel, scuba dive, canoe, kayak, and raft to your heart’s content. Some areas along the coast also offer great places to try power sports like water and jet skiing. If you prefer a more laid back water activity, simply try sailing. If you don’t particularly enjoy water sports but like outdoor activities, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained. The famed Australian Outback offers all sorts of great hiking in amazing landscapes, but if you aren’t that adventurous, you can always try horseback riding. More of an audience member? The APIA International Sydney tournament is held here each January at the Sydney NSW Tennis Center.

Top Sports Tourism Spots for 2019

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a haven for all sorts of great sports tourism. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the city itself has a fairly mild climate by Canadian standards, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities. And since the city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010, there has been a significant improvement in the amenities. A terrific place to enjoy winter sports, Vancouver is home to incredible landscapes to snowshoe and ski in. You can also enjoy some lovely hikes around Vancouver Island, and even join the locals on the beach, though we wouldn’t recommend trying to swim. No mention of Vancouver is complete without the beloved national sport. The Vancouver Canucks keep breaking records and would love to have you join the cheering crowd.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s incredibly diverse landscape offers all sorts of incredible sports options. Besides their love for soccer, Brazilians love to brag about their active lifestyles. And for good reason: the beautiful country offers many different options of ways to stay in shape. Keep yourself toned while on vacation by joining in some mountain climbing, biking, and surfing. The latter is particularly spectacular here both for new and seasoned surfers given the variation in the waves. Having hosted the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Rio has significantly stepped up its tourism game, and sports is far from being the exception.

Top Sports Tourism Spots for 2019

South Korea

South Korea was recently voted as Leading Sports Tourism Destination. Because of the hot climate, South Korea is not one to offer winter sports. But not to worry! You can literally enjoy any sport while wandering through the country. South Korea is a great place to take up martial arts such as judo and Taekwondo, where you can drop in on a lesson in any good-sized city. If you prefer to stay in more familiar territory, pick-up games in baseball and football are quite popular. An avid golfer? Don’t lose your magic touch while abroad, instead play a few rounds at one of the many world-class golf courses. Finally, if you enjoy being on the water, enjoy a day of diving, sailing, or boating.