Check out 8 of the Top NBA Players’ Cribs

It’s well known that top athletes rake in some serious cash, but exactly how much do the best NBA players make? Well, it’s rude to talk about money, but we can give you an idea based on how they live. Try not to get jealous as we share some stats about the top players’ homes. After all, these guys train incredibly hard and are constantly under the scrutiny of the media and the public eye. Check out some details about these dream-worthy homes.

Kobe Bryant, Newport Coast, California

Bryant, as one of the wealthiest players in the NBA, treated himself to an 8,741 square foot mansion in Los Angeles. Some of the highlights of his beautiful villa include an 850 square foot gym, an outdoor kitchen, a vast swimming pool, and a home theater.

Check out 8 of the Top NBA Players’ Cribs

Stephen Curry, San Francisco, California

Stephen Curry dropped a hefty $3.2 million on his San Francisco crib. At one of the lower-priced homes in this compilation, it is nonetheless a 10,000 square foot estate. This home features five bedrooms, each with a fireplace, as well as a two-bedroom guest house. Curry values his friends and family and wants them to feel welcomed in his home. He also has an infinity swimming pool and a six-car garage.

Dwayne Wade, Miami Beach, Florida

Wade decided to make his home on the ultra-exclusive La Gorce Island, off the coast of Miami Beach in Florida. The 13,000 square foot compound comes with a tennis court, an outdoor pool with cabanas, a dual kitchen, and a deck that runs right up to the waterside. His magnificent home is completely surrounded by wildlife to protect his privacy, but also as another touch to his high-end security system.

Check out 8 of the Top NBA Players’ Cribs

Michael Jordan, Chicago, Illinois

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players the world has ever seen, and his house befits his reputation. His home is by far and large the costliest of this compilation, estimated at a worth of $29 million. His 56,000 square foot estate is incredibly luxurious and includes three climate-controlled garages, a gym, an NBA sized basketball court, a tennis court, a putting green, and a three-bedroom guest house.

LeBron James, Coconut Grove, Florida

While he was playing for the Miami Heat, LeBron owned a 12,100 square foot mansion in Coconut Grove. The house features a wine cellar, a library, a dock that can hold two yachts, and a home theater. He sold the house for over $13 million when he left the Miami Heat, 4 million more than he paid for it initially.

Shaquille O’Neal, McDonough, Georgia

After he retired from the NBA, Shaq joined the crew of TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” He recently purchased a two-house compound outside of Atlanta for $1.15 million. The property is 7,400 square feet and is incredibly luxurious. The legendary player enjoys eight bedrooms, a large home theater with 12 seats, a game room, and a professional gym.

John Wall, Rockville, Maryland

John Wall was successful enough to have signed an $85 million contract with the Washington Wizards. This unbelievable home is every sports lover’s dream. With a basketball court, a tennis court, a gym, and a token billiards room, Wall has plenty to keep him busy for a couple of seasons.

Dwight Howard, Longwood, Florida

This NBA superstar has a waterfront mansion estate in Florida. This huge home has five bedrooms, a billiards room, a home theater, a swimming pool with an attached lazy river, and a massive gym with top equipment. Though Howard is exceptionally wealthy, he suffered a tremendous loss over this home. Though he purchased it for around $7 million, he recently put it up for sale for $3 million.