Check Out the Top Five Sports Venues in the World and Pick Your Favorite

The United States, as a nation of top athletics, is home to a number of incredible sports venues. That being said, a few locations in Europe have also snagged spots in the top 5 most iconic stadiums of all time. Feel free to mention your favorite bowls in the comments section!

1. Yankee Stadium

The one, the only home of the New York Yankees. Yankee Stadium is an icon for a considerable number of reasons, the legendary performance of their home team being one of them. However, the stadium has had its fair share of controversies, such as the critique of its high ticket prices. This is especially the case of the first eight rows in the lower bowl, called the “Legends Suite,” where seats are among the highest-priced in professional sports at up to $2,600 each. Because these seats are as a result usually empty, secondary market sales have emerged, and resale prices have plummeted. Regardless of the high cost of entry, Yankee Stadium has seen some genuinely superb players grace its field, such as Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio, and still continues to impress us to this day.    

2. Wrigley Field

Chicago’s Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, opened in 1916, with the first Cubs game taking place on April 20th, 1916. Wrigley is the oldest park in the National League and is well-known for its ivy-covered outfield wall and hand-turned scoreboard. At a capacity of 14,000 on its opening day, the stadium now has a capacity of over 41,000 due to constant renovations. This fantastic venue was voted “Best Place to Catch a Game” on April 7th, 2013 by “Total Pro Sports.” 

Check Out the Top Five Sports Venues in the World and Pick Your Favorite

3. Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium makes the list based on size alone. Nicknamed “The Big House,” it is the largest stadium in the United States and the second in the world, with a capacity of 110,000. Built in 1927 at the cost of $11.2 million (after inflation), it is home to the Michigan Wolverines. The college team draws crowds of upwards of 90,000 at every home game since 1975. A unique design element involves the installation of footings to allow for even larger capacities, technically up to 150,000 people! Renovations valued at $270 million were approved in 2007, and the project was completed in 2010.

4. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is too iconic not to mention. Our friends across the pond really can do stadiums right! World renown for incredible concerts, Wembley is also known for its legendary sports games. Even though the venue is most often used for soccer, it also hosts a yearly NFL game since 2007, where top teams get to show their stuff in an away game. In fact, Wembley is the home of the first-ever NFL game played outside of the United States with a historic Giants-Dolphins face off. Built just over ten years ago, Wembley seats up to 90,000 and had a record attendance of 89,874 during the Cardiff-Portsmouth game of 2008.     

Check Out the Top Five Sports Venues in the World and Pick Your Favorite

5. Allianz Arena Germany

Until recently, Munich’s Allianz Arena was home to both the Bayern and 1860 soccer teams. A relatively new addition to the incredible stadiums of the world, it is the only arena to have the capacity to change colors, both inside and out, according to which team is playing (blue for 1860 and red for Bayern). Designed by architects Herzog and de Meuron from ArupSport, it holds 75,000 people for domestic matches, and 70,000 for international and European games.  However, in July 2017, 1860 Munich’s contract was terminated, and Bayern is now the only owner of Allianz Arena. 1860 Munich now plays in the Grunewalder Stadium.