The Best Baseball Apps For When You Can’t Watch the Game

We checked out many of the baseball apps out there and selected the best ones for you to enjoy games, articles, and updates while on the go. Because it’s true, it’s not always possible to be at home or at the bar to watch games. Life sometimes gets in the way of enjoying sports as much as we’d like, but apps really help get a taste of what we missed and even get some extra bonuses. Many of the apps include great coverage like team focused articles, fun stats and social media.

MLB at Bat

Major League Baseball created a phenomenal app which should be your first stop whether you’re looking for news, videos, box scores, or game recaps. You can also select your favorite team for quick access to daily updates and live scores. Luckily for us fans, beat reporters cover each team, so we have access to in-depth coverage of each of our favorite teams. The app offers further services for a small fee ($2.99 a month or $19.99 a year). You can tune into live local TV or radio shows and enjoy top quality video for your enjoyment.

The Best Baseball Apps For When You Can’t Watch the Game

ESPN and WatchESPN

ESPN has amazing baseball coverage. The app is of high quality and provides strong national stories from great baseball scribes like Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian. The only problem we found with it is the low quality of local baseball news. WatchESPN is an excellent option for catching up on games you might have missed, provided that you’re a paid TV subscriber. This app allows you to watch ESPN’s baseball broadcasts live. You can also enjoy ESPN’s baseball studio shows like “Baseball Tonight” and “Intentional Talk.”

CBS Sports

CBS Sports has a terrific app. The best part about it is that it offers live scores. It has the option of letting you set up your own teams for easy access. For example, say you’re a New York fan, you could set up the Yankees as your home team. The app then provides live scores so you can follow along with the game as if you were there in real-time. Another great feature is the team related articles that the app selects for your reading pleasure. As an added bonus, you have the option of looking at tweets relating to your home team.

MLB Ball Park

MLB has its own extremely useful app for when you’re actually at the game. You can purchase tickets, sometimes at discount prices, then stay connected the whole time you’re watching. The app can be used to view stadium maps in order not to get lost trying to find your seat on the way back from the bathroom. There’s also a nifty feature where you can check out concession stand menus, so you don’t have to stand in a long line only to be disappointed in the selection. Finally, you can use the app to keep a photo journal of games you attended and look at in-game highlights.

The Best Baseball Apps For When You Can’t Watch the Game

R.B.I. Baseball

Though not technically an app, R.B.I. Baseball is the best baseball video game for your money. The game, originally on Nintendo, keeps things action-packed, quite the feat given how slow-paced baseball can be. The game made its debut on a mobile app in 2014, and an updated version came out on Opening Day of 2018. Because it was created by Major League Baseball’s Advanced Media group, it features actual Major League players playing inside real Major League stadiums.