Lakers, Pelicans, and More Suffer as Players are Out Due to Injuries

This season has not been forgiving towards NBA players in terms of injuries. Although accidents are quite common in all team sports, NBA players are most at risk of hurting their knees, feet, and shoulders. This can go from lasting a few days to ending players’ careers. Here’s a look at some of the injuries of 2019.

Darius Miller, from the New Orleans Pelicans, ruptured his Achilles tendon on August 29th. He has received surgery in New York and is expected to be off the field for another seven to eight months. This is a real problem for the Pelicans on many levels. First of all, the player had recently signed a new two-year contract and was poised to excel during the season. Also, the amount of time he will need in physical therapy will make him near impossible to trade come December 15th, as he will be unconvincing as a healthy player.

DeMarcus Cousins of the Los Angeles Lakers suffered a torn ACL in his left knee while working out in mid-August. He will likely miss the 2019-2020 season and is at risk of being kicked off the team until full recovery. To add to insult, he recently injured his Achilles tendon in February of 2018, right before he could have commanded a contract in free agency. But he does not take his health for granted and was in fact quoted  “I’ve seen how quick this game can be taken away from you. So every chance I get to go out there and play, I’m going to leave it on the floor.”

Bullock, of the New York Knicks, herniated a cervical disk on July 11th. He has had a successful surgery and will be out until late November of this year. A two-year $21 million contract was signed, but given the current situation, a new deal is being worked on to reassess Bullock’s fitness to play a full season in 2019-2020. Even though the player is far from being the strongest in the NBA, he is a very successful three-point shooter, which is why he was brought on by the Knicks from the Lakers.

Bol, from the Nuggets, is now in recovery for a rather serious navicular bone fracture in his left foot until late October. He injured himself in early June and was not expected to play in the summer games. Bol did not take well to this news and has kept trying to convince coaches, doctors, and family that he is up to playing. This was not taken well by the aforementioned parties, and he is still off the court for the time being. The rookie is compensating by completing full-blown workouts to stay in shape.

Markelle Fultz from Orlando Magic went through a problematic thoracic outlet surgery following a severe shoulder injury. He is keeping a positive attitude throughout the long recovery period, as quoted in “The Athletic,” “I’m feeling really good. I’m happy. I’m blessed. And as I’m going forward, I’m just sticking with the plan and just going through rehab.” Fultz is still attending meets and team practices even though he does not yet have a return date.

Jusuf Nurkic of the Portland Trailblazers suffered extremely painful fractures to his tibia and fibula during a double-overtime victory over the Brooklyn Nets in March. He does not yet have a return date, but previous cases show that this type of injury can take up to two years to heal. The sudden injury left the team seriously lacking in defensive strength, which led them to a later defeat against the Golden State Warriors.