The Most Important Women Bowlers of Our Time Are Now Grandmothers

Shockingly enough, bowling was once one of the most popular sports to watch on television. Today, the sport has gone out of style, except as a trendy children’s birthday party activity. However, a plethora of women bowlers have made their mark in sports history and many have been inducted in the Bowling Hall of Fames.

Lorrie Nichols

Lorrie Nichols has had quite the career. She started off in the 70s and her time in the alley sadly ended in the 90s, when she claimed her final award in the 1991 Sam’s Town Invitational. She also led the American women’s team event to victory at the 1971 World Bowling Championship.  Nichols earned her spot in the USBC Hall of Fame in 1989.

Lita Dela Rosa

Lita Dela Rosa has hailed from the Philippines. After she took the World Cup in 1978, she captured the women’s singles and masters titles in 1979. She was thus the first woman in the world to hold both titles at the same time. Dela Rosa teamed up with fellow Filipina Hall of Famer Bong Coo to collect the gold in doubles at the world championship in question.

The Most Important Women Bowlers of Our Time Are Now Grandmothers

Kim Adler

Kim Adler’s main career highlight was her victory at the US Women’s Open for her lone major’s title. The last three titles of her career were all at the St. Clair classic at the start of the 2000s. She was also the runner up for the PWBA Player of the Year in ’93 and won four PWBA regional titles. She was inducted in the USBC Hall of Fame in 2016.

Anne Marie Duggan

Anne Marie Duggan collected the title of the 1994 PWBA Player of the Year. She took the bowling Triple Crown with victories at the 1991 US Open, 1994 Queens and 1995 Sam’s Town Hammer Players Championship. Duggan collected the 2012 Senior Queens title and was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2003.

Cindy Coburn-Carroll

Cindy Coburn-Carroll and her mother, Doris, were the first mother-daughter duo to be included in the PWBA and US Bowling Congress Hall of Fames. By 1977, the team set a Women’s International Bowling Congress doubles record of 1,444. By the time she was 19, Cindy ended up as the youngest woman in WIBC history to hold the high average mark of 211. Her epic victory at the 1992 Queens was the most eventful part of the career.

The Most Important Women Bowlers of Our Time Are Now Grandmothers

Robin Romeo

Robin Romeo had a crazy successful career as a professional bowler, but her greatest season came about in 1989, when she collected an incredible five titles. These included the US Women’s Open and the BWAA Bowler of the Year. Her victory at the 2013 Senior US Women’s Open brought her the title of the first woman to win both US Open championships. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.

Dana Miller-Mackie

Dana Miller-Mackie captured the US Women’s Open titles in both 1983 and 1990 a well as being a five-time victor at the USBC All-American. Come 1999 at the USBC Queens tournament, she managed to break all existing qualifying records by bowling two 300 games in a single tournament. By 2000, she was inducted in the USBC Hall of Fame, and in the PWBA Hall of Fame in 2002.

Leanne Barrette-Hulsenberg

Leanne “Boomer” Barrette Hulsenberg had one of the most powerful bowling careers ever. She was the fourth women’s bowler to earn more than $1 million in career earnings, an even more impressive feat given that her touring career was put on hold in 2003 when the PWBA closed down their operations. She returned to bowling in 2007 to receive a team title at the USBC Women’s Championships.