5 Of The Greatest Mountain Biking Destinations In The World

Many people plan their vacations around the hobbies and sports they love. Mountain biking is a great way to continue your hobby and see portions of your vacation destinations that you might otherwise never see. Here’s a list of 5 of the best destinations for mountain biking in the world.


Scotland offers a wide variety of terrain for mountain bikers. You can get some really big terrain in the Highlands, while the Isle of Skye offers more rolling hills for a laid-back ride. Regardless of which trail you decide to take, you’ll see some great landscape, and you won’t have to drive very far if you want to change it up.


Another amazing place for taking in the scenery while you ride, Switzerland is a mountain rider’s dream. The Alps offer a ton of lifts that can take you to the top of peaks. From there you can decide if you want to make a straight descent or play around at the tops with multiple loops.

British Columbia, Canada

B.C. is probably on every serious mountain biker’s bucket list. You can find some truly amazing free rides in the woods around Vancouver–the birthplace of the Freeride mentality. If you’re more interested in bike parks, Whistler is the place to go. Plus, this area is great for viewing wildlife while you ride.

French Alps

The slopes of Morzine in the French Alps is the kind of place you could spend an entire week visiting and only get off your bike long enough to grab a few hours’ sleep. There’s a bike park there that will keep you plenty busy, but you can also visit areas of the valley that offer more trails through woods if you’re into that kind of riding.


Head to Santa Cruz in California, and you can wake up each day and decide which world-class sport you want to enjoy–surfing or mountain biking. If you head up to the Campus Trails, you can experience some of the best mountain biking in the world.  You won’t find any lifts here to help you out, but you will find plenty of redwood forests and woodsy trails to make the work worth the effort.