5 Best Places In The World For Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is a relatively young sport, but as the excitement catches on, more and more locations around the world are showing up on the bucket lists of avid kiteboarders. Solid winds, beautiful beaches, and glass-like water abound at these top 5 destinations for kiteboarding around the world.

Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman has long been a favorite destination among scuba divers and now it’s a top spot for kiteboarding, too. You’ll find warm, steady winds and plenty of beachlines to explore and ride. You’ll have no problem finding fantastic accommodations on the island and the food and cocktails are among the best in the Caribbean.

Calamianes Islands


If you’re looking for seclusion to go along with your kiteboarding, look no further than the Calamianes Islands. You’ll have to hop a plane or two and boat to get there, but the result will be plenty of tranquil waters that offer up some excellent boarding for riders of all skill levels. Kiteboarding isn’t the only outdoor adventure to undertake in the area, so plan on spending some serious time in the sun and water if you visit.



To most experts in the sport, Maui is the greatest kiteboarding destination on the planet. Maui even has a beach named for the sport (Kite Beach). This stretch of sand has perfect water and wind conditions. Plus, it’s an excellent location for breaking into the sport, as you’ll find plenty of places that offer equipment rentals and instructions.



This southeastern Florida location offers something for riders of all skill levels. You can find smooth, flat water and large swells alike. It’s a great place to pick up tips from seasoned kiteboarders and you can rent equipment and book lessons with Jupiter Kiteboarding.

Taveuni Island


Taveuni Island is home to perfectly consistent winds that blow between all of the islands in the area, creating excellent conditions for kiteboarding. Reefs around the island will help create shallow, flat water closer to shore. If you want something a little more challenging, head past the reefs for waters that are a little rougher. The end result is a perfect day among some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.