Top Artists For Scuba Divers To Follow

Art and diving tend to go hand and hand. Much like any other sport that takes place on or under the ocean, there are countless pieces of gorgeous artwork available which depicts the kind of epic landscapes, wildlife, and impressions that we all get when we’re enjoying our favorite hobbies. With that in mind, there are literally more artists specializing in diving-related artwork than we could probably ever check out in a lifetime, so we’ve put together a list of the top contenders for you to seek out on Instagram and start filling your walls with their creations. Here they are.

Carlos Hiller

Carlos is an avid scuba diver, and his many underwater experiences come across marvelously in his artwork. He’s a master at oil painting and he’s fond of painting live in front of crowds of fans. He tends to focus on creating a message with his artwork.

Andre Laban

Andre Laban is a leader among artists who engage in the absolutely “amazing” skill of painting underwater. While many divers have started performing this unique form of artwork, Laban holds the record for creating more underwater paintings than any other artist in the world, and he’s also painted at a deeper depth than anyone else on the planet. When he’s not painting, Laban acts as a mini-submarine pilot and musician.

Jason deCaires Taylor

There’s nothing that can describe the act of diving among underwater sculptures unless you’ve actually experienced it. Jason deCaires Taylor is an artist who is trying to make those opportunities more accessible. He’s an environmentalist and sculptor who helped create the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, and since then he’s added pieces to numerous museums and other collections.

Frank Nash Murdoch

Frank Murdoch was a jack of many trades. He illustrated and was an underwater impressionist painter. What’s most interesting about Murdoch is that he volunteered in an experiment conducted by a university which measured the creativity output in people under the influence of LSD. Many of his paintings were created while “helping out” with this experiment.