Top Rooftop Gear Boxes

Regardless of which sports we all actively participate in, we all have the common need of transporting our gear to and from our preferred fields, courts, cliffs, seashores, or anywhere else we elect to ply our craft!  Trunks and the beds of pickup trucks will work in many cases, but sometimes the need arises to transport your gear and luggage on top of your vehicle. For that, you’ll want a durable and user-friendly cargo box. Here are some of the best picks on the market.

Top Overall Pick

Thule Motion XT XL

Thule is no stranger to vehicle cargo racks and boxes, and the Motion XT gets the top spot for hauling gear. It’s easy to mount and the box itself is very sturdy and secure. It’s very aerodynamic, which you’ll appreciate on especially long trips when trying to keep your fuel costs low. Finally, you can get it in a couple of different colors, making it a versatile pick for anyone in the market. The only real downside is the overall cost. The Motion XL XT costs about $700, which is more than many adventurers are willing to pay. But don’t worry, that’s where the next option comes in…

Top Value Pick

Yakima Skybox 16

The Yakima Skybox 16 really offers the most bang for the buck. Like the Thule Motion XT, this box is very sleek and attractive. It’s made of a very sturdy material, with a lid that’s durable but very easy to open and secure. The biggest downside of the Skybox is the mounting system. For some users, this isn’t a deal breaker, especially if they plan to leave the box on their vehicle all the time. However, if you plan to constantly attach and remove the box to your vehicle, the mounting system can be a bit frustrating. This one can be found for around $500.

Top Budget Pick

SportRack Vista XL

At right around $300, the SportRack Vista is an excellent pick for someone who only plans to use a cargo box occasionally. The mounting system used with the SportRack Vista is pretty easy to use and it doesn’t require any tools for installation. You won’t get nearly the volume with this one as some of the more expensive models, but the price tag might make it worth sacrificing the extra space.