Top Recommendations For Bike Trailers For Kids

Investing in a bike trailer is a great way to take your child with you on the trail and stay fit. You’ll both appreciate the time outside, and if you’re an avid biker, it can help instill the same love of the sport in your child. However, given the number of options on the market, choosing an actual trailer can be a bit overwhelming. Here are three of the best models you can pick, depending on your needs and budget.

Top Overall Recommendation—Burley D’Lite


The Burley D’Lite is hard to beat in almost any regard. You’ll rest easy knowing that it’s constructed with safety in mind. It comes with a robust roll cage, a comfortable but secure five-point harness, great ventilation and UV protection. The D’Lite comes with a hitching system that’s simple to secure to a bike and makes for a comfortable experience while towing. Other notable features include storage pockets and the ability to lay the seats down in case you want to haul cargo instead of the little ones. You can also adapt the trailer with kits so you can use it as a stroller, jogger or even cross-country skis, making it extremely versatile for families that enjoy multiple outdoor activities.

Top Budget Pick—Burley Bee

The Burley Bee has many of the same great features as the top pick above, but it costs less than half the price. It’s just as simple to hook up and tows just as smoothly. The Bee is lighter than the D’Lite, but it has more cargo space, so if you plan to use the trailer for hauling more than just the kiddos, this could be a great option!  What you don’t get in the Bee is padded seats or suspension, and you won’t get any of the multisport kits that come with the more expensive D’Lite. At any rate, the Burley Bee is still a great entry model.

Top Recommendation For Athletes—Thule Chariot Cross

This particular model is really suited for athletes that have some experience with cycling. It’s one of the heavier models you’ll find thanks to the focus on passenger comfort, so towing this thing uphill will require some seriously strong legs, but for athletes looking for a leg workout, it could be just the ticket. This model also comes with strolling, jogging and skiing kits, making it a true workhorse for families who are serious about their sports.