Top Recommendations For Car Camping Tents

All over America, families are heading for the great outdoors for a night or three of sleeping under the stars. June has long been the unofficial start of camping season, and recent years have shown that more people than ever before are camping. While few things are better than slinging a pack and hiking all day to your campsite, it’s far easier to simply load all of your gear into the car and pull up to campsite knowing that the only physical labor you’ll need to put in is setting up your tent—no hiking required. Picking the right tent for car camping can make or break your trip, and the following list was designed to help make your decision in selecting a tent easier. Here are our top tent recommendations for car camping.

Top Pick Overall

Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch Dome Tent

This tent is a perfect solution for families. It’s incredibly easy to set up and one person should have no problem setting it up in under 10 minutes by themselves. It’s just as easy to take down thanks to the Coleman “Fast Pitch” technology. In a nutshell, the poles stay attached to the tent so you don’t have to worry about that “threading the needles” part of typical tent setup. What makes it great for families is what Coleman calls its Dark Room technology. What that means is that you can put your little ones to bed before the sun goes down and the interior of the tent will remain dark enough that they won’t have any trouble dozing off. Finally, the Carlsbad Fast Pitch is pretty reasonably priced for a 6-person tent.

Top Pick For BIG Families

Ozark Trail Family Tent

Ozark Trail is often thought of as “cheap” when it comes to camping gear, but the Family Tent gets some pretty solid reviews across most buyer channels. It’s a 10-person tent, and if you stuff that many people inside it’s definitely going to be cramped, but you can get 8 people inside pretty comfortably. Plus, the tent comes with interior “walls” so you can divide the tent into three separate rooms if you’d like. It comes with a rainfly, so your crew will stay dry and if your party is a bit smaller you’ll have plenty of room to store extra gear.

Top Budget Pick

Wenzel Shenanigans Teepee Camping Tent

If you don’t want to break the bank on your car camping tent, check out the Wenzel Shenanigans Teepee Camping Tent. It’s a 5-person tent that you can usually find for less than $100. What’s great about the tent is the teepee design, which will allow adults to stand up fully without having to duck. That tall ceiling also helps keep the base of the tent cool; a perfect feature for summer camping!