Top Car Camping Stoves

Backpacking stoves are one thing—they’re meant to be lightweight and easily packable. They’re meant to quickly boil water for a meal at the end of a long hike that isn’t likely to be referred to as “gourmet.”  Car camping stoves are something completely different. These stoves are large and meant to be hauled in the car and truck, and they’re meant to cook luxurious meals that are sure to make you the envy of the campground. If car camping is more your cup of tea, this list will highlight some of the best stoves on the market, in a variety of categories.

Top Overall Pick—Camp Chef Everest

Make no mistake, the Camp Chef Everest is the best stove you’re ever going to get your hands on. It has a lightning fast boil time and simmers soups and stews with ease. It performs just fine in heavy winds, and despite having dual burners, it’s relatively compact. Plus, at right around $125 it won’t break the bank. Unless you’re doing something pretty specific with your stove, the Everest really is the best stove on the market.

Best Budget Pick—Gas One GS-3000

This one can be found for around $25, and for that price, the performance will surprise you. It has a single burner, making it a much lighter model than others on this list, but that burner will boil water surprisingly quick. It’s an excellent choice for those menus that only require one pot to cook. It’s not the best pick for large groups at camp, and it doesn’t have much wind protection, but for this price, it’s pretty tough to beat.

Top Pick for Big Groups—Camp Chef Pro 60X

The Pro 60X is a big stove, and that’s why it’s the best pick for big groups. It comes with some pretty powerful burners that can be tweaked pretty low for delicate simmering, and the whole stove has a pretty impressive windscreen so you don’t have to worry about those low flames blowing out in a breeze. The stove also has two side tables that fold out, so you can literally get the feeling that you’re cooking in an actual kitchen. It’s definitely not the cheapest stove on the list, but if you’re planning to cook for a big group, it’s certainly your best option.