Now You Can Pitch Your Tent Directly On The Lake Instead Of Right Next To It

For many outdoor lovers, there’s nothing better than setting up a tent next to a quiet, tranquil lake and sleeping under the stars. Well, thanks to the folks at SmithFly now there is something better. Now you can hike out to that same quiet, tranquil lake and sleep on the water instead of right next to it.

The Shoal Tent from SmithFly is described as a floating raft with a pop tent attached on top. Simply inflate the raft and assemble the tent and you’re all set for a night’s sleep anywhere on the water.

The mattress and the tent support system itself are both inflatable, using three major air chambers. That means there’s no need to carry additional poles with you—a nice feature if you’re planning to travel a bit to get to your lake destination. The manufacturer claims that even without the poles the tent can still stand up to high winds.

The floor of the tent inflates to 6 inches thick when it’s fully inflated and is double stitched. The floor can be used as a standalone mattress or raft and the tent portion can be used by itself on dry land, too.

The tent has a surprising amount of room, too. The base, or raft portion, is 8 feet by 8 feet, and the tent portion is over 6 feet tall. All of that room does come with a price, however, in the form of weight. With the included carrying bag, the Shoal tent weighs 75 pounds. That means it’s not the ideal shelter to bring along on long hikes, but if you’re arriving at your site by camp or canoe it makes for an excellent option.

The weight isn’t the only thing that’s high on the Shoal Tent, as the current price tag is $1,499. But some would say that’s a reasonable price to pay for what’s arguably one of the most unique camping experiences available. The Shoal Tent from SmithFly is available right now online.