Top Mountain Bike Shoe Recommendations

The first step in a truly epic mountain biking outing is to find the perfect trail. Next, you’ll obviously need the right bike. Do you need anything else?  We think so! One often overlooked piece of biking gear that’s vital to any successful day on the trail is a good mountain biking shoe. Here are some of the best, in a variety of categories.

Top Overall Pick

Giro Empire VR90

The Giro Empire VR90 is an extremely comfortable shoe, providing plenty of durability and power transfer without being too heavy. The upper portion of the shoe is made from a synthetic material, so it really fits like a glove. The sole of the shoe is made from carbon, so it stays stiff and maximizes your pedaling efficiency. If you’re looking for a great shoe that will hold up to some severe abuse and stay as comfortable as the day you bought them, the VR90 is definitely one you should look at.

Top Budget Pick

Giro Privateer R

At only $75, the Privateer R from Giro is a budget-friendly option that still provides plenty of durability, power transfer, walkability, and lightweight. While it’s considered an entry level shoe, the Privateer will do equally as well on the foot of a seasoned mountain biker. The sole is made from nylon, so it isn’t as stiff as some of the more expensive carbon models, but it should still be stiff enough to meet the needs of most riders. The Privateer R is also one of the lightest mountain biking shoes on the market.

Top Pick for Enduro Racing

Specialized 2FO Cliplite

If Enduro Racing is your cup of tea, the Specialized 2FO Cliplite is just about the best you can get. It’s pretty lightweight for an endure shoe and offers superior power transfer and durability in a comfortable package. It’s not just a great shoe for enduro racing, though. The Specialized 2FO Cliplite will work equally as great on trail rides, XC rides or the occasional jaunt through a bike park. While it excels as an Enduro shoe, it can easily meet the needs of a variety of riders at multiple skill levels.