A Gift Guide For Hikers

Are you looking to pick up some last minute gifts for the hiker in your life?  Maybe you’re just planning ahead for the 2018 season?  Either way, there are plenty of great hiking products on the market to make your, or your hiker’s, next trek awesome!

Here are some of the hottest hiking items on the market this holiday season.

Amazing Sights of the Night Sky Playing Cards

This is an awesome little stocking stuffer. Two things that hikers and campers love are sitting around a fire playing cards and looking up at the night sky. Combine the two with this awesome deck of playing cards, which feature some of the most prominent objects in the night sky.

Yeti Rambler Lowball

Be it coffee or single malt Scotch, this stainless steel mug from Yeti will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature. It’s built with the same quality and durable construction you’ve come to expect from Yeti products.

Best Served Wild Cookbook

For many, one of the highlights of camping and hiking is cooking outdoors. This entertaining cookbook covers many backcountry recipes and also provides a ton of photos, essays, and cooking tips.

The North Face Vintage T-Shirt Collection

These cotton T-shirts from The North Face are not only comfortable, but they also look great and sport some fun, vintage imagery that the hiker in your life is sure to love.

Bridgedale Vertige Light Ski Socks

Serious hikers appreciate a good sock, and if they happen to do a little downhill or cross-country skiing in the winter, they appreciate it even more. The Vertige Light Ski Socks from Bridgedale are a warm, merino wool blended socks that are designed to stay up and over your calf. Plus you can get them in some fun colors, sure to turn heads when you’re warming up around the fire at the lodge.

National Park BUFFs

Folks who spend a lot of time outside love a good BUFF!  These fun options were designed to commemorate the National Park Service’s centennial. Aside from sporting images of some of the country’s greatest national parks, these scarves offer the same 95% UV protection, odor control and moisture wicking capabilities that made BUFFs famous.