Check Out These Portable Rocking Chairs For Your Next Camping Trip

Spending time in the great outdoors camping is all about rest and relaxation, with the occasional bout of adventure thrown in. We’ve established many times over that having the right gear is vital to a successful camping trip. Today we’re going to share some recommendations for some gear you probably never thought about bringing along on a camping trip—a rocking chair. Not the traditional, wooden monstrosity that sits on your grandparents’ front porch, mind you, but a lighter weight version constructed much like the rest of your camp furniture. Here are some of the top camping rockers you can find.

GCI Freestyle Rocker

The Freestyle Rocker is very similar to the portable chairs you see at many sporting events, except this particular model is built with hydraulic shocks in the rear so you can rock to your heart’s content. The seat is large enough to accommodate even the biggest campers and it comes with built-in arm rests and a cup holder. The construction is sturdy and it works nicely on uneven terrain—something that’s fairly rare for a camp chair. At 13 pounds, it’s a bit heavy for a camp chair, but it easily folds and stores nicely in a trunk, making it a perfect option for car camping.

ENO Lounger Hanging Chair

If you’re looking for absolutely unparalleled comfort, this is the chair for you!  It’s not exactly a rocking chair but we felt obliged to include it on the list anyway. You’ll need a tree branch to successfully deploy it. The chair comes with an optional footrest, a headrest, a cupholder, pockets, and hanging hardware. That all may sound like it weighs a ton, but the whole package is only about 3 pounds, so it would even work for some backpacking trips.

Helinox Chair Two


Speaking of backpacking, if that’s your particular cup of tea, then the Helinox Chair Two is the pick for you!  It’s very lightweight and simple to put together, and it breaks down and stores in a small bag, making it your best bet for carrying in a backpack. At approximately $180, it’s not the cheapest chair on the market, so you’ll pay a price for that weight reduction.