Board Recommendations For The Beginning Surfer

You’ve had a few lessons and caught a few waves and now you’re hooked.

Now what?

It’s time to get your own board!  If you’re looking to purchase your very first surfboard, the options and features available can be a bit overwhelming. The most important thing to keep in mind when picking out your first surfboard is your height and weight.

You want a board that has a high level of buoyancy. This will make it easier to stay on your board while you make the rookie mistakes that are unavoidable for beginning surfers. Choose a soft top board, even though they’re bigger and heavier than shortboards because it will be easy for you to paddle and pop up in the early stages of a wave.

Foam boards are a great choice for beginners because they’ll also last a LONG time. Most are between six and eight feet long. If you’re an adult, you should opt for a longer model, while kids can usually get away with a 6-footer. A general rule is the larger the board, the easier it is to get the hang of surfing.

Now that you have a basic idea of what to look for in a board, here are some specific board recommendations.

Verve (by Gold Coast Surfboards)

This is a good beginner’s board in the adult 8-foot range. It’s designed for riders up to 180 pounds, and for around $270 you get the board, leash, travel bag, traction pad and even some pens so you can customize your board.

Giantex 6’0”

A great budget board, the Giantex is a good choice for kids. It comes with durable foam construction and an HDPE bottom. Best of all, it will only set you back about 70 bucks.

Wavestorm 8

The Wavestorm 8 is the most popular surfboard in the United States. It’s easy to ride and comes with an HDPE slick bottom and traction pad. You can pick one up for under $200.

Heritage 8’8”

If you’re on the bigger side, the Heritage 8’8” is a good choice. It’s hefty board that will accommodate riders up to 220 pounds. The foam core, three stringers and reinforced HDPE hull make it a very stable ride. Expect to pay around $330.

FSE 6’0”

Another great option for kids, the FSE 6’0” has a durable foam top and HDPE hull. It’s yours for around $150.