The Best Paddles For Stand-up Paddle Boarding

You might have the very best stand-up paddleboard on the market, but if the paddle you’re using to get around isn’t up to snuff, you likely won’t get the most out of your setup. There are countless paddle options on the market, and sifting through them all can be exhausting. This list does the heavy lifting for you, and you’ll find the top paddle recommendations in a variety of categories. Prices range quite a bit among the models listed, with the low-end being around $50 and the high end costing about seven times as much.

Top Adjustable Paddle Pick—Werner Trance 95 Performance

The design of the Werner Trance 95 is fantastic, and it makes for an incredibly easy to use paddle. It’s extremely light thanks to the carbon fiber shaft and blade, and it cuts through the water like a dream. It’s extremely adjustable so it can accommodate a wide range of paddlers. The only downside is that it’s also very expensive, with a retail price of $349.

Top Budget Pick—Bullet Proof Surf Alloy

The Bullet Proof Surf Alloy is a durable piece of gear at a reasonable price. The nylon head and aluminum shaft make it easy to slice through the water. It’s a little heavier than some of the more expensive models, but it will likely hold up longer than the lighter weight carbon fiber models. The Bullet Proof Surf Alloy is also pretty adjustable, thanks to an adjustable and locking collar mechanism known as the TwinPin system.

Top Overall Pick—KIALOA Insanity


The KIALOA Insanity is heavier than the top adjustable pick—the Werner Trance 95—but it’s also more durable and performs almost as well. That, combined with the lower price tag, makes this paddle the top pick. The construction will hold up to some serious abuse, so you don’t have to cringe every time you accidentally bang it off of a rock. It’s not adjustable, so it won’t have the user range that the Werner Trance 95 has, but if you’re looking for a solid model that won’t break the bank, you’ll find none better than the KIALOA Insanity.