The Best Games To Take Camping

We’ve established many times over what a special pastime a family camping trip can be. However, we understand that not all kids will jump for joy when you tell them you’re loading up the car and heading out for a camping trip. Some kids are terrified at the idea of spending time away from their Xboxes and smartphones. One surefire way to help them get over the trauma is to make them forget about their phones and game consoles altogether. That’s where a good set of camping games comes in. Here are some of our favorite games to play when camping.

Corn Hole

Corn Hole is a great game to take along provided you have enough room for the boards in your vehicle. However, you can always modify this game and simply draw a circle in the dirt!  Regardless of whether you use the boards or not, the game is played by standing 27 feet apart and tossing bean bags at the target circle. First one to get 21 points wins.

Ladder Golf

Like Corn Hole, ladder golf is a great game to bring along camping providing you have the room for the two rungs you’ll use as targets. Teams will take turns throwing two balls joined together with cord (called “bolas”) at the rungs, hoping to wrap up the balls around one of the three tiers. The tiers are worth between one and three points, increasing in value as the rungs descend. Like Corn Hole, the first team to get 21 points wins!


A handful of dice can easily be packed inside a backpack without adding hardly any weight or space. But you’ll have an almost endless supply of entertainment once you reach your campsite. Depending on how many dice you bring, you’ll be able to play everything from Yahtzee to Liar’s Dice. The possibilities are virtually endless, and it’s all the more reason to make a set of dice part of your regular camping packing list.

Deck Of Cards

Another must-have item on every camping trip is a deck of cards. Do yourself a favor and purchase the waterproof variety and they’ll hold up forever. You can play everything from gin to Texas Hold Em. If you’re into solo camping you can even play solitaire.