What Is The Best First Aid Kit For Hikers And Backpackers?

A well-stocked first aid kit is an absolute must-have for any hiker or backpacker heading out on the trail. When it comes to first aid kits, though, there are good ones and bad. A “good” first aid kit will be well-stocked with quality supplies from reputable companies. Depending on your specific outdoor activities, you may want to invest in a larger first aid kit, but for the average hiker/backpacker, these are our top picks.

Best Overall—Mountain Backpacker Kit from Adventure Medical Kits

What’s great about this kit is that it’s cleverly designed and labeled so that supplies are easy to find in an emergency. Not all first aid kits can say the same. The pockets are clearly labeled, and inside each, you’ll find quality items to help with common first aid for up to four people who plan to be out for up to four days. The kit is compact enough to fit easily inside of a backpack, and it even comes with a handbook on wilderness first aid!  Expect to pay around $40 for this kit.

Runner-up—Mountain Series Day Tripper

The Day Tripper kit is more of a traditional design, folding out in a single clamshell configuration. It’s not as compact as the Backpack Kit above, and it also lacks a few vital items like trauma shears. You essentially get the same medicines as you do in the Backpacker kit, but they come in smaller amounts so that this kit would be meant for shorter trips. It is a little cheaper than the top pick, so if you can’t find the Mountain Backpacker Kit, this one makes a great runner-up.

Budget Kit—First Aid Only First Aid Essentials Kit

You won’t find the same level of quality in this kit, but if you’re just looking for something to carry along in the event you need to patch up simple cuts and scrapes, the First Aid Essentials Kit is the way to go. You can pick it up for anywhere from $12 to $24, so it’s definitely a budget pick. At that price don’t expect the materials to be high quality, but again, it’s got a ton of bandages and supplies for the simple scrapes and cuts.