Best Climbing Harnesses For 2018

Are you looking to upgrade your climbing gear this year?  If a new harness is on your shopping list, you may be a bit overwhelmed when you start looking at all of the available models on the market. Not to worry, though, we’ve sorted out the best model in the most sought-after categories and listed them below.

Top Pick For Gym And Sport Climbing—Black Diamond Solution

The Black Diamond Solution is an extremely comfortable harness for virtually any climbing activity, from belaying your pals all day to taking a lot of falls as you try out a new route. The harness itself features a nice, wide waist belt that’s padded for comfort. The leg loops are plenty wide and comfortable, as well. Black Diamond used its Fusion Comfort Construction throughout the harness, so the pressure you’ll feel is dispersed throughout your hips, back and hamstrings, resulting in the most comfortable harness you’re likely ever to wear, especially if the majority of your climbing is done at the gym or well-established routes. The only real downside of the Solution is that the gear loops are a bit on the small side, so longer routes with more gear will likely require an additional hauling system.

Top Pick For Trad Climbing—Petzl Sama

If your climbing style mainly consists of setting trad gear along your route, the Petzl Sama is an excellent choice!  The construction and heavy padding make it very comfortable and excellent at diffusing pressure along your waist and legs. What makes it so conducive to trad climbing is the large gear loops and a beefy haul loop—plenty of real estate to haul your entire rack plus other essentials like water and a change of shoes. The Petzl Sama can just as easily be used on sport and gym routes, too, making it a versatile choice for the serious climber.

Top Budget Pick—Black Diamond Momentum

The Black Diamond Momentum is the most affordable pick on the list. It’s simple to adjust, has plenty of features and is fairly comfortable—all at a bargain basement price. It’s not the best pick for longer routes, but if you’re a beginner or are just looking for a spare harness to throw in your kit, this is an excellent choice.