3 Must-Have Pieces Of Gear For Documenting Your Next Camping Adventure

For many, the camping season is coming to a close. For those of us that live in more tropical climates, it’s just beginning. For the diehard outdoors folks, it never ends!  Regardless of which category you fall under, you can always use more gear, right?  This article probably won’t appeal to the purists—those who prefer to head out into the woods with nothing more than a haversack, a hatchet and a good bushcraft knife. However, if you’re the kind of camper who still likes to have some technology in your pack—specifically the kind that helps document your adventures—this one’s for you. Here are some of the best pieces of gear for documenting your trip.

The Camera

GoPro Hero6

If you’re going to get serious about shooting adventure videos, it’s all about the 4K resolution. The GoPro Hero6 delivers it in spades, allowing you to capture shots in amazing high-definition. Plus, at 60 frames per second, you can also get some incredible slow-motion footage. The Hero6 has better stabilization capabilities than other models and it’s waterproof to a depth of 10 meters without the use of an external housing, meaning your loadout will be lighter. The color touchscreen on the back makes it easy to see exactly what you’re recording.  Expect to pay at least $350 for the Hero6.

The Drone

Parrot Anafi

This compact drone is the perfect companion for a long hiking or camping trip. Like the GoPro Hero6, it allows you to shoot in ultra-high-res 4K. It’s extremely lightweight and packs down really small, making it perfect for a pack. It comes with a removable 2,700mAh battery that will help keep the drone in the air for 25 minutes at a time. If you need longer flight time it’s as easy as bringing along an extra battery.

The Charger

LifePowr A3

You’re going to need a way to keep all your gadgets powered up, and this awesome solar(optional) battery pack delivers!  It’s housed in a sturdy aluminum shell and comes with a slew of USB ports in various sizes. It also comes with an AC socket so that you can run mains-power gadgets with a max wattage of 120. The portable battery can be fully charged in a little over two hours when plugged into a wall outlet, but we suggest getting the optional solar panel to bring along. It takes a little longer to fully charge the A3—about 5 hours—but it could literally be a life-saver.