2018 Holiday Wish List For Rock Climbers

The time has come, once again, for you to break that climber in your life out of their winter slump. Being trapped indoors during the colder months can take a toll on those who prefer to be harnessed (or not) and tackling new routes. The good news is that the winter months also happen to be kicked off by the holidays and that’s a perfect time for you to get some new gifts for your favorite rock jock. Here’s a look at some of the best stocking stuffers for rock climbers.

Buckshot Pro

By Outdoor Tech

Anyone who spends a significant time in the outdoors could probably use a handy Bluetooth speaker for streaming their tunes. What makes this one great for climbers is that it can not only be used easily around camp, but it’s small enough that you could actually haul it up a route with you—a perfect feature for any big wall climbers who may be spending a night or two in a port-a-ledge. The Buckshot Pro will play music for up to 10 hours, has a 32-foot range, is water and shock resistant, and it also doubles as a flashlight and power bank.

Yosemite in the Fifties:  The Iron Age

Outdoorsmen generally love coffee table books, and the rock climber in your life is probably no exception. Anyone who is serious about climbing knows how special Yosemite is to the sport. It’s essentially where the modern version of our sport started back in the 1950s. This coffee table book is full of amazing photos and stories from those who pioneered the climbing lifestyle in Yosemite.

GRIGRI + Belay Device

By Petzl

Your climber probably has half a dozen belay devices on their rack already, so why should you get them one more?  Because this one is amazing, and it’s likely the safest option ever built. What makes this one so cool is that it’s equipped with assisted-braking technology. That means that if a belayer isn’t 100% focused or suffers some injury of their own prior to the climber falling, the device will automatically brake for them. That’s a lot of insurance and peace of mind for such a small price.

FrictionLabs Climbing Chalk

Not all climbing chalk is created equal. What makes the chalk from FrictionLabs so awesome is a simple matter of science and proportioning. Most chalk brands have high amounts of Calcium Carbonate, which don’t really do much other than act as a filler. The FrictionLabs products have low amounts of this Calcium Carbonate but high amounts of magnesium carbonate, which provides far better drying results. That means this is a much better chalk that you’ll find from the other guys.