Winter Workouts For Rock Climbers

If you’re a rock climber, winter can be a pretty lonely and uneventful time. Unless you also engage in some ice climbing during the colder months, chances are you spend a lot of time vegging out in front of your TV as you sort through your gear, dreaming about warming weather and hitting the rock again. Getting a jump on your fitness before the next climbing season starts is a great way to keep healthy and stay busy during the off season. Here are some great workouts you can do to ensure that you’re in top physical condition by the time spring rolls around and the rock is warm enough to handle.

Wrist Curls

Standard wrist curls are one of the best exercises you can incorporate into your offseason workout routine. The exercise does wonders for your forearm and finger strength. To perform the exercise, grab a set of dumbbells and either stand or sit on a bench. You can let your arms hand to your side or place them on top of your legs if you’re sitting. Then, simply curl your wrists inward and back out. Try this for 10 reps. To work out tops of your forearms, simply turn your hands over so your fingers are curled downward at the starting position.

Crimp Exercises

When it comes to exercises for rock climbers, there is perhaps no piece of equipment more useful than a hangboard. However, if you don’t have one, you can get a pretty similar workout by grabbing a weight plate and crimping it between your fingers. Simply let the plate hang at your side as you squeeze. To get a wider pinch, you can stack two plates together.

Plate Balances

If you’re looking for a great way to work out your biceps and build up your lock-off moves come spring, try this exercise. Grab a 25-pound plate and balance it on your forearms as you hold them out in front of your body. Don’t let the plate rest against your body and try to hold it up for a minute, or as long as it takes before you fatigue.