Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day: Benefits and Challenges

If exercising was never your thing, it doesn’t mean that you should lose all hope and ditch sports altogether. Although you can find some enjoyment in team sports, or alternatively, low intensity or low impact workouts, there’s another way to stay fit in today’s busy lives.

Let’s face it, sitting in front of a desk for many hours of the day can’t be good for our bodies – We are originally built to move at most hours of the day. So it’s time to dust off these old training shoes and go for a walk around the block.

The internet is full of challenges calling people to walk 10,000 steps a day. Why 10,000? Research showed that this amount is beneficial for your health, and specifically for your heart. But walking more than that is obviously more than welcome.

Walking 10k steps a day will improve your lung-resistance, lower blood sugar, and help with concentrating better at work for longer periods. You may think it’s an easy activity, but even such a thing will build muscle, and strengthen your bones. And just like any other type of movement – it’ll make you feel more energetic, and boost your mood.

Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day: Benefits and Challenges

But wait – 10,000 steps? That’s a lot of mileage, especially if you’re new to exercise, or haven’t been active for a long time. No worries, one step at a time. Set yourself the 10,000 steps as a goal, and start gradually, it’s all about making those first baby-steps.

Start by increasing your daily amount of steps. Just like every new routine, some days will be tougher than others, and on some days you won’t even want to go out at all. It can be very stressful to get used to new habits. But you can take a few measures to ensure that you hit your initial goals.

Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day: Benefits and Challenges

First, set yourself a realistic time frame: Do you want to get to 10,000 steps per day within a month? Or is your schedule only allowing you to get there within two or three months? And once you hit the 10k goal – can you maintain it for a certain period? A week? A month? For the rest of your life? There are no bad answers, adjust your plans according to what you’re capable of, it’s all about building a long-lasting habit, that will make you feel better with yourself.

Another great idea is to join someone who’s already an avid walker, or ask some friends or family members to join you for your next round. You’d be surprised how quickly such a walk can pass once you’re not doing it all on your own. Of course, if you prefer some quiet time for yourself and walking alone – you should do that.

So go ahead, put those sports shoes on, and go out to explore – give it a try. As long as you’re walking, you’re moving in the right direction.