Here Are Three Free YouTube Yoga Channels You Should Be Watching Right Now

Yoga might just be the greatest fitness sub-genre in the world. Whether you want to sculpt some serious muscles or just spend 5 minutes a day stretching so that you can tell people you “work out,” there’s a yoga routine out there for just about everyone. It doesn’t put a ton of stress on your body and it’s easy to get a workout in at just about any time during the day. You don’t even have to buy a fancy mat if you don’t want to. There are even yoga series designed to be done in your chair!  Even better, there are countless numbers of free YouTube channels with some really great yoga content. Here are some of the best free yoga YouTube channels.

Yoga With Adriene

This is our go-to yoga channel. Adriene, the channel’s host, has a TON of videos available to watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or an experienced yogi, you’ll find countless videos and tutorials. Adriene is a great instructor, and whether you’re looking for an hour long, sweat-inducing series or a quick 5-minute series to do as soon as you get out of bed, she’s got you covered. Trying to lose weight?  Adriene’s got a playlist for that. Need some stretches to help you get sleepy before bed?  Adriene’s got you.

Kino Yoga

Kino MacGregor has more than 20 years’ experience as a yogi. Kino puts all of that experiences into the videos on the YouTube channel. You’ll find just about every yoga pose you can think of and countless, full-length series on the channel. This is a great option if you’ve been practicing yoga for a while and you want to really expand your knowledge of postures.

Yoga By Candace

Have you always wanted to try yoga but just don’t think you’ll have the time to practice?  First off, you’re definitely not alone. Many of us can only squeeze in 15- or 20-minute workouts, and that’s if we’re lucky. If this sounds like you, the Yoga by Candace channel on YouTube is perfect for you. Candace specializes in short, 15-30-minute yoga sequences.