Snorkeling Can Actually Improve Your Health. Here’s How.

Few people can deny that snorkeling is a fantastic way to spend a day in the water! Now, new studies have shown that snorkeling can also have a positive effect on your health. Here’s how it works.

All of that floating, slow breathing and paddling around helps lower your blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart rate. It also helps improve your breathing as snorkeling will increase your lung capacity. Simply put, your lungs work harder when you breathe through a tube. As you hold your breath and dive, you’ll need to take deep breaths and give your lungs a workout when you exhale and blow all that water out of your snorkel. If you’re a smoker and you recently quit, consider taking up snorkeling—it’s a wonderful way to build up your lung capacity.

Snorkeling is also a great physical activity for those who may have problems with participating in more strenuous sports. That’s because, like other watersports, snorkeling is very easy on your joints. If you are overweight, or you are worried about joint pain, snorkeling is a terrific way to improve your physical fitness. There is virtually no impact on your body when you’re in the water and it’s a great cardiovascular activity.

Snorkeling is also a fantastic way to build up specific muscle groups. If you are exploring a stretch of beach line, you can choose to simply paddle through the water using only your hands and arms, giving your upper body a great workout. On the other hand, can get a good set of snorkeling fins and give your lower body a fantastic workout.

One of the greatest health benefits of snorkeling actually has more to do with your mental health than your physical health. Snorkeling is just like any other cardiovascular activity—when you engage in the activity your body releases endorphins, which are scientifically proven to make you happier!  Furthermore, the same studies showed that the more fish people were able to see while snorkeling the happier they became!

Snorkeling also helps some people break through personal boundaries and overcome things like the fear of water and even claustrophobia.

So, if you wanna live a healthier life, simply grab your mask, snorkel and fins and hit the beach!