Expect These Fitness Trends In 2019

Expect These Fitness Trends In 2018

It’s a fresh year, and that means new resolutions, a big part of which are usually related to health and fitness. It seems like every year there’s a new exercise or diet craze to hit the scene and 2018 will probably not be any different. In fact, this new year will likely bring about several health and workout trends. According to a recent panel of coaches, trend forecasters and fitness experts, here are some of the fitness fads we can expect in 2018.

Workouts will start slowing down again.

For years now, high intensity, fast workouts have been all the craze. CrossFit has an almost cult-like following, and it certainly has its benefits. However, folks that have been at it for a few years now are starting to see gaps that the shorter workouts can’t fulfill. We’ll likely see health experts start recommending at least one day a week where we engage in a longer, lower intensity workout.

Niche exercises will continue to climb.

Expect These Fitness Trends In 2018

We’ve already mentioned that CrossFit has a pretty loyal following, but it isn’t the only exercise niche. Runners, powerlifters, yoga followers and tough mudders will all continue to grow and promote their specific exercises. Social media will allow these folks to connect like never before, so don’t be surprised if we start seeing some major segregation in the gym.

The sugar market is going to take a hit.

Expect These Fitness Trends In 2018

The idea that sugar isn’t good for your isn’t a new concept, by any means. However, new studies and evidence are resulting in more and more people becoming aware that it really, really isn’t good for you, and many experts believe that more folks will make changes in their lives in 2018 than ever before to cut sugar out of their diets.

Mental health will become as important as physical health.

Expect 2018 to be about more than just new training and exercise methods. There will also be a focus on how these new methods make us feel, from expressing gratitude and joy to accepting change and stress.

Personalized workout plans will continue to rise.

2018 will show a continued awareness of the need for individualized workout plans. Different body types will require different fitness and nutritional needs, and we’ll likely see a lot of gender-specific plans hit the scene.