How to Choose the Best Trainer For Your Personal and Athletic Needs

Having a personal trainer is the best way of giving your workout routine the kick in the rear that you need to reach your fitness potential. But not all trainers are created equal. Some will be too kind, others too tough, and the list goes on. Finding the best trainer for you is quite the balancing act and something that is worth investing some serious time into. It has been said that finding an excellent personal trainer is a lot like dating. Some people take one session for you to establish that it is not a good fit while others seduce you into thinking it’s love at first sight. But the sad truth is that it is more likely that you’ll have a few sessions with a trainer before realizing that it is not a good fit. However, there are quite a few methods to avoid some, if not all, of the unpleasant scenarios that come with getting a personal trainer.

How to Choosing the Best Personal Trainer For Your Personal and Athletic Needs

Knowing your goals is a fundamental aspect of personal training, and it makes perfect sense. It is not a realistic expectation to walk up to someone and expect them to whip you into shape when you haven’t told them what shape means to you. Provided that you are training at a gym and not with a private instructor, a good manager will listen to your needs and find you someone who is most suitable for you. You should be open to shamelessly discussing your goals without fear of being judged-someone in the gym will always be in worse shape than you.

Deciding where you want to train is the next step to personal training successfully. If you’re the sort of person who suffers from social anxiety, being in a large gym that is filled with people during peak hours is the worst possible idea. Instead, choose a smaller gym where you can not only experience a higher level of privacy and build a semblance of a community. Another option is for you to take private lessons in yoga, pilates, or rock climbing to get as much one-to-one attention as your heart desires. Don’t have time for personal training at all? Try apps such as Body Love or the Tone it Up Studio for access to a variety of workouts and even virtual personal trainers so you can do your thing from the privacy of your home.

How to Choosing the Best Personal Trainer For Your Personal and Athletic Needs

Once you’ve located your place of exercise, make sure to do your homework on who the available trainers are. Any self-respecting professional will have some sort of a website or at least a social media profile advertising what sort of services they offer. Many clients end up with trainers that don’t fit their needs, for instance, if a trainer specializes in heavy-weight training, they will not be suitable for someone who is more interested in toning their core. Once you’ve found someone who you think might be ideal for you, request a short consultation with the trainer so that you can understand what kind of teaching style they strive for. Be honest about you shopping around for a professional, but be kind about it so that the trainer doesn’t try to oversell themselves in the process. You’ll also see if you like to spend extensive amounts of time with this person.

Once you’ve found yourself a trainer in a setting that you like and who can help you meet your goals, focus on communicating with them. If you feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth, for example, see if that’s something that can be resolved before jumping ship.