This Might Be The Next Post-Sport Drink Of Choice

We’ve all experienced the kind of intense thirst that comes about after a really good workout. Ten miles on a hiking trail or couple hours’ worth of pickup games can quickly deplete our bodies of important electrolytes. On those occasions, few beverages can replenish those lost electrolytes and quench that seemingly otherworldly thirst like a tall Gatorade or Powerade—even a glass of water can do wonders in re-hydrating and replenishing energy. One beverage that no one thinks of as being a good post-sport beverage is beer.

That all might be changing.

Beer and sporting events have certainly gone hand in hand, but it was always thought of as a beverage reserved for the spectating of the sports, not the actual participating. However, there’s been a recent boom in smaller brewers creating beers that are rich in nutrients like protein and glycogen, not to mention sodium—all important substances when you’re trying to recover from a strenuous workout. Here are just a few of these electrolyte-rich brands to try out after your next sporting event.

Zelus Beer

This is the beverage of choice for beer-drinking runners. Zelus actually has five different beers in this line:  Competitor IPA, Race Pace, Long Run, Light into Dark and Lyte Speed. What makes these beers a great choice for athletes (and runners, in particular) is that they have the same great taste as typical craft brews, but the alcohol content is far less than you usually see. All five of the above-mentioned selections are under 5% alcohol by volume. That means they’re a really great way to hydrate and satisfy the craving for a cold one at the same time.

Sufferfest FKT and Repeat

Sufferfest has catered to beer drinkers with unique tastes for a while now. It has been the brand of choice for those looking for gluten-free beer. Now, Sufferfest has launched two new beers in its “FKT and Repeat” line, each jam-packed with electrolytes and other important nutrients. Loaded with sodium, iron, fiber and potassium, these beers will quench your thirst after a hard workout like no other!  The Repeat Kolsch has a pretty mild alcohol content by volume at 3.5%, while the FKT (Fastest Known Time) pale ale has a bit higher volume of 5.5%—still pretty low for a pale ale.

Harpoon Brewery Rec League

This limited release from Harpoon Brewery is an extremely light post-workout option. It only comes in at 120 calories and the potassium and sea salt used in the brewing makes it an excellent choice for replenishing electrolytes. The 3.8% alcohol content and citrus flavor make it easy to drink down.