What Did 2017 Teach Us About Health And Fitness?

While we’re all looking forward to developing our personal health plans for 2018 and seeing whether or not the predicted trends come to fruition, it’s important to look back on last year and analyze some of the big themes that 2017 brought. Taking into account some of the common and most popular health and fitness news headlines, here’s a look at what we learned about health and fitness last year.

Don’t overthink it.

Science has no shortage of new and emerging studies, technology, and theories regarding fitness and health, but last year taught us that it’s important to stay grounded and focus on the tried and true principles that have been around for a long, long time. It’s important to eat right, sleep right, socialize and stay active. Once we’re able to master those simple principles, we can start looking at the emerging trends.

Mind over matter is real.

2017 showed us that a proper mindset could truly impact how healthy our body is. Keeping a sharp mind can aid in injury recovery and help you push through intense physical challenges.

Top athletes maintained a few common routines.

Not all workout routines are created equal, and every person is going to develop their own set of habits when it comes to health and fitness. However, we did see a few common themes among fitness experts in 2017. One of the common themes was staying consistent with their plans and prioritizing in terms of energy expenditure. Acquiring mentors and having people push performance during workouts was another common theme. Finally, proper sleep was a very important element in most successful athletes’ routines last year.

Don’t get caught up with technology.

While Fitbits, iWatches and mobile GPS can certainly give us a lot of insight into our health and fitness, there’s something to be said about ditching all of that and just going for a run. A lot of athletes found that they enjoyed their activity far more when they didn’t have a piece of gear constantly reminding them of how they were performing.