Let’s Get to Know Judd Trump, Top Snooker Player for 2019

Judd Trump is a legend in the complex world of professional snooker. Destined to do well in the game, Trump has worked very hard to reach the position he’s in today. Originally from Bristol, England, he has experienced a zero to hero path that few can possibly imagine. His career has taken many twists and turns but has ultimately led him to become the reigning world champion of snooker.

As a young man, Trump was the English under-13 and under-15 champion and even reached the World Under-21 Championship semi-finals at the young age of 14. That championship led him to become the youngest player to make a competitive 147, beating Jamie Jones’ record. But the young man was nowhere near done showing us what he was capable of. He finally established himself as a professional snooker player in 2005. Check out these thirteen great facts about Trump and get to know your favorite player better.

Let’s Get to Know Judd Trump, Top Snooker Player for 2019

1. Judd Trump keeps himself in tip-top shape by practicing alongside Jack Lisowski and Wenbo Liang at the Grove Snooker Academy in Romford, England. Speaking of Liang, he was saddened to have lost to his friend in the historic English Open in 2016. It was still a tight game, and there are no hard feelings.

2. At the age of 17, Jude had poor vision and thought that his snooker career was over. But then he had laser eye surgery, and his vision improved gradually.

3. On the 2016 English Open and the Four Crowns Championship: “I think it will be virtually impossible for someone to win all four because the standard is so high now. It would be great if someone did it but it would be very hard.”

4. By December 2015, he’d reached a professional ranking of 6, an extremely respectable place. In 2016, he took the European Championship in Bucharest by defeating Ronnie O’Sullivan in a tight score of 9-8.

5. Come March 12th, 2017, Judd managed to beat Marco Fu in the Ladbrokes Players Championship. This was one of his most exceptional accomplishments to date.

6. That very October, he won the European Championship for the second time in a row. This time, he defeated Stuart Bingham 9-7 in the final.

7. Trump’s net worth is estimated to be at over $9 million.

Let’s Get to Know Judd Trump, Top Snooker Player for 2019

8. At the 2017 Shanghai Masters, he only came runner up as he was defeated by his rival, Ronnie O’Sullivan. The score ended with an abominable 3-10 in the final. But not to worry, Trump would eventually make up for this painful loss.

9. Judd Trump has compiled 616 century breaks during his career. Ronnie O’Sullivan, in comparison, has accomplished 1,000 as of the Players Championship in 2019. Only 60 players around the world have managed more than 100. A century break is a score of 100 points or more within one visit at the table without missing a shot and requires potting at least 25 consecutive balls.

10. Trump’s most significant accomplishment to date is his success at the 2019 Masters as he defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-4 in the final game. This is impressive, and quite the redemption given what happened in Shanghai.

11. Judd’s older brother Jack is his biggest supporter, especially during harder times.

12. On May 5th, 2019, Judd Trump defeated John Higgins in the World Championship final.

13. Speaking of family, Judd’s father, Steve Trump, is a huge fan of snooker and encouraged him to become a professional player. We have his father to thank for the inspiration that Trump is today.