The Hidden Truth Surrounding Elvis Presley Is Finally Revealed

The King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley has a career that few can match. In the span of two decades, he has released 24 studio albums and a bundle of soundtrack albums. The man would sell out concerts in a matter of minutes. The man lived, ate, slept and dreamed Rock n’ Roll. That said, there is much more to Elvis than meets the eye. Today we’re going to present to the people an Elvis that many have never seen. We’re going to bring to light the mystery that surrounded the Elvis’ final days.

Elvis Had A Twin Brother That Died At Birth

What’s better than one Elvis? Two! This almost happened with Elvis’ twin brother Jesse Garon Presley. Unfortunately for the world, he was stillborn and was delivered only 35 minutes before Elvis. The King felt haunted by Jesse throughout his life. Presley’s mother would often state that Elvis had the energy of two men. Elvis’ mother was unable to have any more children after having him and the family was very close.

Elvis Was A Loner Growing Up

Elvis didn’t have many friends growing up, in fact, he was actually kind of a loner. In the 6th grade, he would bring his guitar to school every day and sing songs. Many of his fellow students would see this as grounds to insult the young singer. They regarded him as a trashy kid who would play hillbilly music. In less than two decades this hillbilly would be the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

His Biggest Heartbreak Was His Mother’s Death

Elvis and Gladys, his mother had a very tight bond. The woman was extremely protective of him and he welcomed her protection. When she fell direly ill, Elvis went to see her. Not long after the visit Gladys passed away from a heart attack at the age of 46. Elvis felt as if a piece of him has died. He stated during an interview, “She’s all I ever lived for. She was always my best girl.”

He Did Not Write A Single Song

Elvis has made an impact unlike anyone in modern times. He is considered one of the most influential musicians. That said, of the 600 songs he recorded during his career, he wrote none. He wasn’t a songwriter just a singer. Despite not writing them, Elvis still put his name on the songs. He would take some songs, change the arrangements mildly and would claim it as his own.

He Was Related To Two US Presidents

Who could resist taking a look back at their roots? Seeing as Elvis was the King, genealogist couldn’t help but check out his background. Turns out that Presley was a distant relative to President Lincoln and President Carter. The great, great grandfather of Abraham Lincoln was a man named Isaiah Harrison. This man was also an ancestor of Elvis. Presley is also a 6th cousin to Jimmy Carter.


His First Public Performance Was At Ten Years Old

Elvis isn’t only known for his amazing voice, but also for his killer dance moves.  He didn’t have those killer moves when he first started out. At the age of ten, a teacher heard him singing and influenced him to sign up for a singing contest. The contest took place at the 1945 Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. Elvis performed one of his favorite country hits. The young man had to stand on a chair to reach the microphone. The future legend only got to the fifth place.


He Was Drafted To The US Army While Famous

Elvis was catching onto the masses in the early 1950’s. He had signed to Sun Records and had charted more top 100 hits than any singer before him. Songs like Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender were already big hits. Sadly, he was drafted into the army in 1958 while he was at the top of the music world. He had to do two years of active duty and four years of reserves. He longed to not be treated like a star during his service. He is quoted saying, “the army can do anything it wants with me.”

Meeting The Love Of His Life: Priscilla Beaulieu

Elvis had not regret concerning his service. It was while he was serving that he met Priscilla Beaulieu, the woman he’d call the love of his life and would end up marrying. He met her while stationed in Germany. At the time of their meeting, Elvis was 24 and Priscilla was only 14-years-old. Eight years after the meeting the two would be married in Las Vegas, Nevada. A year later they’d have their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

The Real Reason Elvis and Priscilla Divorced

Sadly, Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage came to an end only a few years after it started. When she was 27-years-old, Priscilla decided to leave to Elvis so that she could focus on finding herself. In a more recent interview, she said, “we truly lived in a bubble…I didn’t have my teenage years as a normal girl…I just kind of followed what he did…I did not divorce him because I didn’t love him. He was the love of my life, truly…If anything I left because—and I still loved him—I needed to find out what the world was like.”

Benjamin Keough: The King’s Grandson

One can’t deny that Benjamin got graced with his grandfather’s looks. That said, he didn’t only inherit his grandfather’s good looks, apparently, he also has one heck of a good singing voice. In terms of his career, he is torn between his love for acting and his love for singing. Benjamin is also a good painter and is also keeping that in mind as a possible career choice for himself.

Elvis and Priscilla Cheated On Each Other

Like most famous couples, Elvis and Priscilla were not loyal to one another. In the early 1970’s Elvis started having an affair with a woman named Joyce Bova. This resulted in Joyce becoming pregnant and getting an abortion. Years after the King passed, Priscilla brought light onto an affair she had with Mike Stone. Sadly, Mike Stone was the karate instructor that Elvis recommended her.

He Inspired A Prisoner To Become A Singer: Barry White

Barry White is one of the most celebrated R&B singers to ever grace the music scene. If not for Elvis, he may have never turned to music. While he was in jail serving a sentence for stealing tires, White heard Elvis perform It’s Now Or Never on the radio. The song changed his life and he decided on the spot that he want to pursue a future in music.

Young Elvis Was Too Shy To Sing On Air

Confidence is something that had to be built up. Elvis was once in the same shoes as you or me. When he was a 12-year-old, a local radio station wanted him to sing live on air. The young King refused to sing. The reason behind him not singing was his shyness. The thought of thousands of people listening to him live was too much. This would be something that he’d overcome much later on in life.

His Home Is The Second Most-Visited Home In The USA

At the age of 22, Elvis already had a slew of hits to his name and was rolling money. What did he do with all this dough? He ended up buying Graceland, a 13.8-acre mansion. He lived there for twenty years before he passed. Today is a museum and a National Historic Landmark. It was opened to the public in 1982 and it is currently one of the most visited homes in the United States.


Elvis Got A “C” In Music Class

Nobody knew that Elvis would one day garner the title of the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll back when he was a kid. In the 8th grade Elvis took a music and despite all of thinking he’d easily succeed, the King got a “C”. At the time this grade was considered a fail. We all have to wonder what resulted in such a grade. Maybe it was his rebellious nature or just a bad teacher on staff.


Priscilla Finally Opens Up About The Mystery Of Elvis

On a two-part documentary called Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Priscilla opened up about her late husband and about his funeral. I was still shocked. It was just too hard to believe…And going out the gates in the limo and seeing the streets lined up on both sides all the way to the cemetery. You’d see glimpses, you’d see people crying, hysterical, fainting, and that’s how impactful it was and still to this day. People come around the same time and they’re all there.” 


Elvis Was Michael Jackson’s Father In Law

Despite Elvis being passed, in 1996 Michael and Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot. The controversy surrounding Jackson eventually plagued the marriage and she filed for a divorce. That said, it is amazing to think that at one point the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was once the King of Pop’s father in law. Imagine the duet these two could have had together.


Elvis Survived The Tupelo Tornado Outbreak

Elvis’ hometown of Tupelo. Mississippi is located right in the middle of Tornado Alley. The area of the United States often see’s some of the country’s most horrific tornados. Elvis figured this out when he was a baby in 1936. Tupelo was hit with one of the worst tornados in the region’s history. Thankfully Elvis survived and the world got Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Money Brings On The Bizarre

When one is labeled the king of anything, they are bound to be rolling in the millions. That kind of money can bring a lot of joy, but also a lot of the bizarre. While most of the world was onboard with what Elvis was dishing out, there were some people who thought he was immoral and they would send him threatening letters. Being prepared for the worse, the King would also keep two means of defense in his boots.

The Dedication To His Music

In 1973 Elvis was checked into the hospital for being in a state of semi-comatose. He was in a deep state of unconsciousness and couldn’t be awoken. Despite his condition, when the singer was awoken he left the doctor’s office and was determined to make a musical comeback. This was the beginning of a period when he’d tour extensively. He’d perform 168 concerts in 1973 alone. He’d surpass this number in 1974.


An Evolution In Performance Quality

Elvis began to live his life on the road and would spend his time crisscrossing back and forth across the United States. His tours were intense by even a young artist’s schedule. Elvis found himself in a consistent state of exhaustion. Despite still breaking the box offices, his concert performances became increasingly sloppy. This didn’t matter to the fans, they still loved him. The King could do no wrong in their eye.


The Life Of A King

Elvis was a figure unlike no other. The media was constantly on him and he had to constantly be on for the cameras. While he would turn on the charms for the cameras, his behavior behind closed doors was very different. The legend no longer slept at night and adapted to a completely nocturnal lifestyle. At night he would rent out whole amusement parks for his private use and would ride the roller coaster until dawn.

Debuting A New Look

Elvis saw major changes in 1974. His diet had always been a topic of discussion. He was known for loving essentially sweet and fried food. The unhealthy food mixed with his exhaustion had taken a toll on him. He showed up to a show and his band could hardly recognize him. This was the start of a new era for the king and it would be an era that people would talk about for years.

1974: The Year Of Loss

Not only did his looks change in 1974, but also his. He only lost Priscilla the year prior and now the King was losing more. Linda Thompson, a huge emotional support for him had decided to move on from Graceland. At that same point, Elvis’ father and step-mother separated. His heart broke more when David Briggs, his long-time piano player took off. Everything was changing for the king and it felt overtly intense for him.

The King And His Health

His consistent touring had ill effects on him. He was in a state of extreme exhaustion that would result in him slurring his words when he spoke. While performing, Elvis would often use the mic stand to hold himself up. His bandmate would often be concerned if he’d make it through the show or not. Sometimes they couldn’t make out what he was saying on stage. John Wilkinson, Elvis’ guitarist recalled him watching Elvis and crying during one of the concerts. After a lot of protests, Elvis finally went to the hospital and was diagnosed with an enlarged colon and a damaged kidney.

Five Month Vacation

Doctors told the singer that had to change his rough eating habits. Although he agreed to the changes, behind their backs he would continue with the sweets and fried foods. His will to perform and to tour began to fade during this period.  Elvis would need to pressured by his closest friends to fulfill his contract obligations. In 1976 recorded From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee. The album shows how down he was at the time.

Elvis Would Fast Before Touring

During is overweight years, Elvis would take to fasting and playing racquetball before going on a tour. When he wasn’t feeling up to this he would try the sleeping beauty diet method. bandmates recall the King living on nothing but his favorite soda and bananas for an entire week. His August 1977 tour would be a . tough one to fast for as he weighted an astonishing 250 pounds.

The Final Days

August 15, 1977, will forever be remembered as the day that the world woke up in shock to hear of Elvis passing on. Headlines read statements like, “The King is Dead” and likewise headlines. Autopsy reports point to a heart attack as the cause of death, but those that were close to the King will tell you something different. As of 2018, they have opened up a side of Elvis that his fans never knew about.


Bandmates And Doctors

For four decades fans had been lead on with the notion that Elvis had passed away from a heart attack, but recent toxicology reports have proved this . to be false. Dr. Forest Tennant who studied closely Elvis’s toxicology reports and testified in court has stated that the man behind Elvis’ demise is his dentist, Dr. Lester Hofman. The day before his passing Elvis got his teeth tended to and was given a prescription for codeine. Elvis, his friends, family, and doctors were all aware that he was allergic to this medication. It is as clear as day on his medical charts and hospital records. Joe Esposito has recently reported that he removed an empty bottle of codeine when he discovered his friend.

Priscilla’s Take On It

Priscilla, Elvis’ former wife believes that the singer took his life with those pills. The codeine bottle was empty after only receiving it the day prior. Elvis was no fool, he knew that the medication was bad for him. That is her take, but Joe Esposito believes that he took the wrong pills by mistake. Yet many of his notes do show a man who is sick of life. In a note to Joe, Elvis wrote, “I’m sick and tired of my life. I need a long rest.”

Elvis Caused Alarm

When Rock ‘n’ Roll played through the airwaves for the first time, most of the world embraced it. That said, some of it thought it was the kind of music that would corrupt American youth. Elvis garnered 80% of America’s ratings when he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. After the broadcast people in Nashville took to the streets to protest the singer. Answering their pleas, censors demanded that Elvis is filmed from the waist up at all times.

Elvis Wanted To Take Things To Higher Level

Elvis lived and breathed Rock ‘n’ Roll. He wasn’t the kind of guy who thought it was ever acceptable to give a half-hearted performance. Before he passed, Elvis gave his stage manager the task of obtaining him a white suit that would shoot laser beams into the crowd. Even today this isn’t a reality amongst singers. We only could imagine what this would do for the 1970’s crowd.

Elvis Turns His Back On The Beatles

Most of the world’s biggest bands have taken inspiration from Elvis. One band Elvis inspired the most was The Beatles. When they were first coming up, they met their idol and were given his blessings. By the time the late 1960’s rolled around things had changed. When Elvis met with President Nixon he slandered The Beatles for their wild antics and called them a bad influence on America’s youth.

28 Pound Suits

One of Elvis’ biggest trademarks are his glamorous, diamond studded suits. No artist to date has rocked such a fashionable look upon the stage. It is said that these suits were known to weigh up to 28 pounds. Performing an hour-long show in one of these was not at all easy. During his later years, Elvis would come off the stage so exhausted that he could barely move.

His Watch Swap With Led Zeppelin

Legends collided in 1973 when Elvis bumped into Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and John Paul Jones while in Las Vegas. The two perform rock music in a very different style, but their impacts are equally as great. As a way of conveying his goodwill and friendship, the King swapped his $5,000 gold watch with Jones’ cheap Micky Mouse watch.

The Legacy Of A King

Although Elvis Presley had some hardships towards the end of his career, his impact on the music scene never faded. Even his last album, Moody Blue which was released less than a month before his demise shot to number one on the charts. Before he passes, Elvis was planning a tour that would have surely been a success. The man was truly the King of Rock.