30 Surprising Facts About Danielle Colby Of “American Pickers”

It’s pretty common to assume that you know celebrities pretty well just from seeing them on TV, in movies, or listening to their music. However, this isn’t always the case, especially when such celebrities enjoy their privacy. Even in reality shows, you often don’t get to know the participants as well as you’d think from watching week in and week out. Danielle Colby from American Pickers is a perfect example of this. Check out these surprising facts about her life and get to know the first lady of American Pickers a little better.

A Rocky Start

Although Danielle is now one of the favorite parts of the show for many viewers, her time at American Pickers did not get off to a wonderful start. In fact, when the History Channel crew showed up at the start of the series to film.

They asked who she was and said they wouldn’t film her because she wasn’t part of the contract. Fortunately, they were willing to listen and Mike explained her purpose to the producers, who changed their minds on the matter.

Danielle Has Great Instincts

One of the reasons that Danielle has been such a great addition to the show is that she has wonderful instincts when it comes to leads and she sends the guys to locations where they make a lot of great finds. That was the case in 2010.

That year when Danielle found out about an old amusement park that had a warehouse full of unwanted items. She sent Mike and Frank there and they bought old sideshow banners for $700 and found out that each banner was worth about $5,000!

Interested In Women’s Studies

Danielle obviously is very much interested in picking and antiques. However, she also has interests that include fashion and burlesque dancing, as many of her big fans know. Another thing she enjoys is reading, particularly about topics such as women’s studies.

In fact, she even said in one interview that she loves to read so much that she will choose reading over socializing most of the time. She reads like an expert as well. She is said to be able to get through an entire book within the space of a few hours.

Lovely Advice

Danielle is a smart woman who is often asked for advice on all kinds of matters. What’s the best advice that she has to give? “When in doubt, love,” she said. We agree, love is usually the biggest push in most of our lives.

She also said that people shouldn’t get too caught up in their differences, especially the idea that they are right and someone else is definitely wrong. “If you think about it, there’s very little right and wrong in the world,” Danielle said.

An Interesting Question

Danielle gets asked a lot of the same questions in interviews, but every now and then there’s a real gem. One reporter asked her what item each person would grab if Antique Archaeology caught on fire. The answer is incredibly unbelievable.

Her answer was equal parts revealing and amusing. “Mike would grab the 1911 Indian motorcycle he keeps in his office, Frankie would grab the cash register, and I would grab Mike,” Danielle said. When you look at their stance, this makes a lot of sense.

Getting Rough

Although you might assume Danielle Colby is a bit of a girly girl due to her interest in burlesque dancing, she has brawn as well as beauty. She wasn’t afraid to rough up other ladies when she participated in the Big Mouth Mickies, a roller derby team.

She won a local championship while not only playing but also managing the team. Unfortunately, injuries eventually led to her giving up the sport. This is unfortunate as everyone should embrace at least one sport that they could love.

Tattoos With Meaning

Just because Danielle has a lot of tattoos doesn’t mean she’ll get one for no reason at all or because it looks cool. This just isn’t at all her style when it comes to getting inked up. In fact, she said that all of her tattoos are the result of a great deal of thought.

Every tattoo that she has symbolizes either a person, a memory, or a lesson she has learned, she said. Of course, her favorite tattoos are the ones that she got to symbolize the importance of her two kids. Her kids mean a lot to her.

A Dream Come True

For someone like Danielle, meeting a star and a female icon like Dolly Parton is a dream come true. In 2014, Dolly asked the team to find cool items for a new ride at her amusement park, and they happily accepted because who would accept?

Danielle was the lucky person who got to personally deliver the items to Tennessee, and she was able to meet Dolly in person and find out that she was actually a big fan of hers. This was one of the biggest days of her life. Imagine meeting your idol.

Documentary Producer

Danielle has shown that she is more than willing and ready to branch out and show off her other skills. In 2016, she produced a documentary on burlesque called Tempest Storm. It was quite a hit on the television and people instantly loved it.

The documentary mainly focused on a dancer by the same name, and it was a great success. It even earned a nomination for an award from the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and was quite well received.

AKA Dannie Diesel

Many burlesque dancers have stage names, and Danielle is no different. She enjoys burlesque dancing a lot and wanted to have an alter ego that made her feel sexy and powerful. For her, that name is Dannie Diesel.

The name actually came from one of her dad’s friends, who called her that when she was just a few years old. “I think I always identify with Dannie, because it has always been there,” Danielle said. We think it sounds like an excellent name.

A Conservative Upbringing

It is very surprising to learn that while Danielle is very much a free spirit, her parents were not that way at all. In fact, her household was very strict and her parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses. This meant trouble for her.

Danielle would not be deterred, however, and was interested in burlesque dancing, tattoos, and other pursuits from a young age. Unfortunately, her choices have led to a strained relationship with her parents over the years. This is all too common.

Love, Death, And Life

It seems like Danielle’s tattoos hold relevance to the ultimate truths in life, including big topics such as love and death. Danielle has told reporters that a lot of her tattoos “are about death and love and people I’ve lost.”

She said that her body has become a sort of living memorial to her loved ones, past and present. She likes the idea of being able to carry memories and people who mean a lot with her no matter where she goes. This is what she is all about.

What Danielle Likes To Pick

The guys on American Pickers have their own interests, such as motorcycles, when it comes to picking. So what does Danielle pick when she’s on her own time? She prefers vintage stage costumes. We mean that she is very serious about these costumes.

Some of the pieces in her collection are from all the way back in the 1800s. Some of her favorite pieces include a rare Lillie Langtry costume from the 1890s and a banana skirt that was once owned by Josephine Baker.

East End Girl

Everyone has their favorite spots to pick at, and for Danielle, that is the East Coast. She said that she has always found wonderful items around the East Coast and had a lot of fun in the process, too. When it comes to international picking, you can’t beat Paris, she said.

“Picking in Paris is like nothing you’ve experienced in the states because the history is so much older and more power-packed, especially for the history of striptease and burlesque, which I mentioned are great interests of mine,” Danielle said.

What’s Danielle Worth?

Danielle has been successful for several years now, not only with her exploits on screen as a member of the American Pickers cast, but also through her retail store that sells vintage items and her burlesque dance studio.

She has been very fortunate in the fact that she’s built up a net worth of about $1.5 million while doing the things that she loves the most in the world. This is a person who is truly living in a paradise. She has hit it big in this life.

How They Met

Danielle and Mike did not meet right before American Pickers began. In fact, they have actually known each other for over 15 years now. They first met each other at a garage sale, which is quite typical for the two.

At the time, Danielle was looking at a lamp and thinking about whether to buy it. As she put it down for a moment, Mike scooped it up. “The time to buy it is when you see it,” he quipped. Just like that they went home with a new lamp.

Show Business Isn’t Easy

Although there are a lot of great things about being on television, the life of fame and fortune isn’t for everyone. Some people really can’t handle a life before the cameras. This was certainly true of Danielle’s first husband, Kevin Coby.

While Danielle still says that he was a good man, he wasn’t into the idea of being recognized or having to share her with adoring fans at every turn. Ultimately, her newfound celebrity was one of the main contributors to their decision to split up.

Proud Mama

Danielle is quite proud of her children. She frequently talks about what they’ve been doing on her social media pages. In many posts, she has discussed the musical pursuits of her daughter, Memphis. She’s play multiple instruments and is pretty good.

As an aspiring musician, Memphis plays guitar and piano, among other instruments. Danielle says the hardest part about watching her perform is trying not to cry. She has that much talent when it comes to playing the guitar.

Not So Happily Remarried?

Although Danielle’s previous marriage to Kevin Coby did not work out, that doesn’t mean that she closed the book on ever having a happy marriage. She remarried a few years ago to Alexandre De Meyer, a French graphic designer and artist.

The two seemed to be very happy together and he certainly understood her artistic side and need to express herself. However, things appear to have not gone well. The news and media have made that quite apparent to us all.

Full House

Danielle and Alexandre certainly had a full house. The two lived together in Chicago. Not only do Danielle’s two children from her previous marriage live together, but one of Danielle’s nieces also lives with them.

Together, Danielle and Alexandre co-parented the three children, focusing on giving them a stable family life that they could enjoy. From the look of the children, we’d say that they are living a pretty upscale life. With a mom on television, how could that not be.

Trouble In Paradise?

There was never any official news about a divorce between Danielle Colby and Alexandre De Meyer. However, something clearly has been amiss as Danielle has been rather openly dating someone else for quite some time now.

She hasn’t even bothered hiding it; the two appear together on one another’s Instagram feeds regularly. Either her husband doesn’t really care or he’s beating himself up about it constantly. Let’s hope he is feeling pretty good about himself.

The New Guy

Who’s the new guy? His name is Jeremy Scheuch. It’s hard to say exactly how long the two have been dating, but they were seen together as long as three years ago. Maybe he was a friend to begin with who just kind of slid into the picture over time.

To make matters even weirder, he looks a lot like Alexandre, from the big beard to the tattoos and body type. Hmm. It looks like she has a very typical type that she goes for. This is often the case, especially given that she also has tattoos.

What’s In Her Future?

With a pair of unsuccessful marriages in the books, it’s hard to say what will happen in Danielle’s future. Hopefully, her relationship with Jeremy Scheuch will stand the test of time where her first two marriages failed.

This may definitely be the case as it is often said that three times is the charm. For sure, the two do seem to be quite enamored with one another, which is a great sign, especially if things will eventually take a more serious turn.

Making Some Money

Information on the stars of American Pickers‘ salaries can be hard to find, but there are pretty persistent reports that state that Danielle makes about $150,000 per year on the show.

In addition to her other businesses, it’s a tidy sum, although now that she’s been a longtime star and fan favorite, you have to think that number will go up. Given her current status on television, we are absolutely certain that it will go up.

People Person

One of the parts of being a well-known television personality is the fact that you will certainly be recognized by fans of your show when you’re out and about. Danielle doesn’t seem to mind this at all. She embraces the love that her fans show to her.

In fact, she attends many conventions and other events where fans get a chance to meet her, talk with her, and get a photo or autograph. You can imagine how many people showed up to meet with her. She is one of reality television’s biggest stars.

Anything For Animals

As a real animal lover, Danielle Colby has been active in a variety of charities and causes that benefit dogs in particular. She has adopted dogs from PAWS, an organization that aims to find great homes for dogs who need them.

In addition, she has spoken out in favor of fair treatment for breeds such as pit bulls, which she says are often misunderstood due to stereotypes. She shows us all that pitbulls actually have a very, very soft spot in their hearts. The dogs have become quite popular.

A Love For Fashion

As mentioned earlier, Danielle Colby has a lot of interests aside from picking, including fashion. This interest has manifested itself in Danielle’s retro clothing boutique, which is called 4 Miles 2 Memphis. It is gaining a lot of popularity pretty quickly.

The first location opened in Chicago but ultimately, Danielle closed it and opted to open a store in Leclaire, Iowa, not far from her hometown of Davenport. This gives people in more rural areas a chance to look very fashionable amidst the farmlands.

Too Hot For Facebook

Not too long ago, Danielle Colby did not have an official presence on Instagram. Instead, she was active on Twitter and Facebook. In the years that have gone by, these were the more famous outlets for pictures and videos. Times have drastically changed.

However, many of her more risque burlesque photos and videos kept getting removed by Facebook, which is a definite reason why she may have decided to go to Instagram, which is more liberal on such matters. You can see these pictures on her Instagram.

Danielle’s Beginning As A Designer

Danielle similar interest to many girls her age. Don’t get us wrong, she’d always had her perks. Danielle has always had an interest in picking, but back when it was just a hobby, she actually worked as a clothing designer for a company called Gorilla Clothing.

Although she didn’t have any formal training in fashion design, she had good ideas and believed in herself. “I owned a shop and we made clothes, sold jewelry, and I also did energy healing,” Danielle said in an interview.

A Different Focus

Danielle loves being on the show American Pickers, but that doesn’t mean she lacks her own ideas about what could be done even better. She once said that if she had her own show, she would spend more time on the stories of buyers and their items.

“I still think that’s the most important thing – the story of the item and the person the item comes from,” she went on to say. Like most people, she loved clothes and would do her best to make interesting outfits. She noticed quite early that she had a talent.