Florida Town Plays Host To World Record Diving Accomplishment

World records are very interesting things. It seems that Guinness has a place for just about anyone and anything. One of those special records that is near and dear to the scuba diving community is the world’s longest human underwater chain. On June 16th, 400 divers arrived in the town of Deerfield, Florida to attempt to a set a new world record in this particular category.

Divers from Deerfield and all over the world made the attempt to set the new record for the longest underwater human chain. An official judge from Guinness World Records was on hand to officially witness the event. What made the event extra special was that it wasn’t just a world record attempt. The divers also joined forces to conduct a large-scale underwater cleanup around the pier at Deerfield Beach.

Dixie Divers, a local diving instructor development center, hosted the event and helped to bring together dozens of dive “teams” from all over the world. Many of the divers were brand new, freshly certified scuba divers and others have been diving all their lives. All of the participants received participation shirts and world record attempt certificates, regardless of the outcome.

The event served as a fun way to bring the diving community together in a fun way and share their love of the underwater world and their passion for the ocean. Prior to the event in Deerfield, the world record for the longest underwater human chain stood at 308 people and was set in May of last year in Cesenatico, Italy. With that figure in their collective minds, 400 people dipped below the ocean surface off the shore of Deerfield on June 16th.

Whey they resurfaced, a new world record had been set.

The sense of community in achieving the record, combined with the task of the underwater pier cleanup, shows just how close-knit the diving community is, and just how much they care about the environment in which they engage in their hobby.

While an underwater human chain of 400 people is an impressive task, we shouldn’t be surprised when a new attempt is made next year. Many of the same participants who came to Deerfield will likely be there. As long as the scuba community brings on new divers, it’s likely that the record for the longest underwater human chain will never be truly safe!