Top Winter Surfing Destinations

It’s January, and for many, surfing is the furthest thing from their minds. Frigid temperatures have man beach bums trapped indoors during the winter months with nothing to do but wax their boards and dream while they wait for the warmer temperatures to arrive. However, if you’re up for a little traveling, the winter months can be the best time to surf in some of the best spots on the planet. Here’s a look at some of the top winter surfing destinations.

Costa Rica

It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at as a surfer, Costa Rica has shoreline that is perfect for you. The beaches could be white, gray, or gold, but one thing remains the same no matter where you are in the country, the water temps are great and the surfing is incredible. There are a lot of surf camps you can book, too, if you’re looking for a more “all-inclusive” experience.


Many people in the northern hemisphere often forget that when we’re freezing our you-know-whats off in the winter time, those countries south of the equator are actually experiencing their summer. That includes Australia, arguably one of the greatest surfing destinations in the world. Water temperatures across the country are generally pleasant and on the cool side—normally averaging 75-79 degrees. The summer months in Australia also mark the cyclone season. That means the water is big, but the crowds and prices for lodging are small.


If you happen to live in Europe and don’t feel like taking a trip all the way to Costa Rica or Australia, or if you just fancy a trip to Northern Africa, Morocco is an excellent surfing destination in the winter. Like the other destinations on this list, it’s also much cheaper to visit in the winter!  There are plenty of surf camps in the region that are great for beginning surfers. The more experienced riders will have no problem finding waves in places like Killer Point, Boilers, Anchor Point, Safi, and Imsouane. Plus, when you’re not surfing there are plenty of amazing cultural experiences, hotels, and restaurants to visit during your trip.