Top “Surfer-Friendly” Cities In The U.S.

Surfers know how important it is to find a great location. While there are plenty of truly epic surf spots all over the world, the United States has some of the best, with plenty of options on both the east and west coast of the country (and we can’t forget about a little state called Hawaii, can we?). Here are some of the best “surfer-friendly” cities in the U.S.

Santa Cruz


The largest city in Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz has some amazing surfing spots. With names like Pleasure Point, Wadell Creek, and Steamer Lane, you’ll have no problem finding a favorite set among the more than 75 surfing spots along 40 miles of beach in the county.

Banzai Pipeline, Oahu


The Banzai Pipeline in Oahu offers some of the best big wave surfing on the planet, thanks to the shallow water that breaks above a reef. If you’re looking for a specific spot, Ehukai Beach Park is probably the best location you’ll find. It’s worth a visit even if you don’t have the guts to ride the big waves. You can watch countless surf events throughout the year and experience life at the heart of the surfing culture.

Cocoa Beach


Offering some of the best surfing in Florida, Cocoa Beach is also home to the largest surf shop in the world, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. When you’re not catching epic waves, you can drive an hour west and hit up all of the theme parks in Orlando. If that’s not enough to catch your attention, keep in mind that Cocoa Beach is also the hometown of surf legend Kelly Slater, so you never know who you might be paddling out with!

Ocean City

New Jersey

The shore in Ocean City will provide some of the most reliable waves in the country. You’re practically guaranteed to catch consistent waves here year-round. The city is also home to the world-famous, 2.5-mile long boardwalk, making for great entertainment in and out of the water.

Cape Hatteras

North Carolina

O.K., so Cape Hatteras isn’t exactly a city, but it offers some of the best and biggest waves on the east coast, so we feel obliged to include it on the list. It’s also one of the best places in the country for kiteboarding, but be warned, it’s also the closest landmass to Bermuda and the infamous Bermuda Triangle!