Top Scuba Diving In The U.S.

With the majority of the world covered in ocean, there is certainly no shortage of fantastic diving locations. Each continent and country boasts its own “top” dive site list, and the United States has one of the best. Here are some of the best spots in the U.S. to dive.

Kona, Hawaii

The Kona coast of Hawaii offers a pretty unique diving experience. Three miles off the shore is an area of “black water,” where divers can encounter beautiful and bizarre bioluminescent creatures that are normally only found at depths too deep for free diving.

Bonne Terre, Missouri

This one is a bit on the spooky side. Once this mine in Bonne Terre, Missouri dried up, the workers basically dropped all of their gear and flooded the tunnels. Today, divers can explore the underwater labyrinth and take in the site just as it was the day work stopped. There are multiple tunnels, labs, a machine shop, mining equipment and even a movie theater.

Denver’s Downtown Aquarium

Dive a mile high. Denver’s Downtown Aquarium allows you to dive with sharks and other fish inside the 400,000-gallon main attraction.

Morehead, North Carolina

This site off the coast of North Carolina offers two big attractions for divers. First, it’s home to a LOT of sand tiger sharks, and divers are almost guaranteed to come face to face with a number of the curious predators. Second, there’s a cutter sunk to the bottom, offering a controlled environment for those wanting to get started in wreck diving.

Bellingham, Washington

While the currents can be a challenge, this site offers some really unique experiences, including coming face to face with a giant Pacific octopus. Divers can explore the jetty at Fort Casey State Park and encounter an almost infinite number of fish species.

Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo offers a multitude of dive spots, but one of the best is the USS Spiegel Grove. This 510-foot foot dock landing ship was sunk in 2002. Dive down about 60 feet and you’ll be at the ship’s tallest superstructure. The artificial reef is now home to a multitude of sea life like barracuda, goliath grouper and surgeonfish.