Top Places On The Planet To Try Out Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is one of the most exciting sports you can try. Adding some adventure to your vacation is something that many folks live by when they take time off. If you’ve done your fair share of scuba diving, climbing, and every other extreme sport out there, hang gliding might just be the next item to check off your bucket list. But a hang-gliding adventure is only as good as the location you’re soaring over. Here’s a look at some of the best places in the world to go hang gliding.



Top Places On The Planet To Try Out Hang Gliding

Any chance you get to see the Hawaiian Islands from above is an opportunity you should not pass up. And while plenty of people take helicopter tours every single day, consider yourself elite if you can work in some hang gliding while visiting the islands. Kahului is the best place in all of the Islands to hang glide. A glider trip will have you soaring over cliffs, the ocean, and even a tropical rain forest.

Rio de Janeiro


A hang-gliding trip in Rio is probably the quickest way to see everything the city has to offer in one activity. You’ll glide over rainforests, gorgeous hills, even more gorgeous beaches, and landmarks recognized all over the world. Hang gliding is just one of the many activities to keep you busy in Rio, but one thing is for sure:  be it beautiful landmarks or beautiful people, you’ll have plenty to look at while visiting.

Kitty Hawk

North Carolina

Top Places On The Planet To Try Out Hang Gliding

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is the birthplace of manned flight. So, it makes perfect sense that it’s also one of the top “bucket list” destinations for hang gliders all over the world. It was here that the Wright brothers made history with their own glider flight back in 1903. Today, hang gliders take to the same sand dunes so they can carve out their own little piece of history.

Magaliesburg, Johannesburg

South Africa

Part of what makes a location great for hang gliding is the level of thermal conditions in the area. Magaliesburg offers some of the best thermal conditions on the planet for hang gliding. The hotter air can actually make it possible to stay in flight longer than normal, making it a must-visit for hang gliders.