Top European Dive Locations

If you find yourself in a conversation regarding the best diving locations in the world, you’ll probably hear about the same old sites—crystal clear Caribbean waters and gorgeous locations throughout the Pacific. What you won’t likely hear is locations anywhere near Europe. That’s a shame because Europe has some truly epic dive locations. If you’re looking to break the trend and experience some fresh locations, here are some of the top dive sites in Europe.

Vis Island, Adriatic Sea


Everyone loves a good wreck dive, and this location provides a pretty unique opportunity. In about 236 feet of water lies a USAAF B-17G Flying Fortress bomber that was shot down in 1944. At that depth, you won’t have much time on the bottom, so make sure your camera is ready to go!

Slovak Opal Mine, Dubnik


The walls of the underwater tunnels in this abandoned opal mine will shine in virtually every color in the rainbow. Another underwater photographer’s dream, this site is not one to be missed!



If you’re up for some extreme cold water diving, Andenes is an amazing place to visit during winter, when hundreds of whales show up in the area. Local dive operators use a system whereby they drop divers off in the water in front of a pod of hunting whales, but there’s no guarantee the whales will allow you to get all that close. You’ll also need to be in pretty good shape to hop in and out of the fast boats all day long.

La Rapadura, Tenerife

Canary Islands

Columns of molten lava rise from the seafloor nearly to the surface in this area of the Canary Islands, giving divers the feeling of swimming through a lost, underwater city.

Posse, Verzasca River


The Verzasca River is not for novice divers, as the currents can be incredibly strong and present a danger to divers who aren’t experienced. However, if you can handle the challenge, you’ll take in some truly beautiful underwater landscapes—granite walls worn smooth from the fast-moving glacial waters. For the best and safest experience, it’s highly recommended that you hire a local dive guide.